TGR: Drug Wars Video Game Review

MoB even started off well. The music rocked, the story intrigued me, and the visuals and art direction are acceptable. Everything else about this title is an utter failure, especially the complete lack of basic QA testing.

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shoinan3048d ago

Yeah, didn't think so.

ahnonamis3048d ago

I for one anticipated a classic that would forever set the tone for all Drug Wars games to follow.

Oh well.

reddevilyi3048d ago

I wasn't really expecting this to be a killer app.

Polluted3048d ago

Ouch. I can't help but feel a little bit bad for the developers. Maybe next time guys.

Double Toasted3047d ago

Drug Wars is part of Merchants of Brooklyn, everybody was wondering because the trailer didn't show anything closely related to drugs...

iTZKooPA3047d ago

The game seemed to have an identity crisis.

SirLarr3047d ago

I think they changed the name to duck all the negative publicity Merchants of Brooklyn was getting. As it turns out, the game is just as bad after a name change. Who'd have thought?

SlamVanderhuge3047d ago

And here I thought that this was the sequel to Crime Patrol. Bah

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