G3: Final Fantasy XIV Site Receives An Upgrade

If you load up the official website you will be greeted by an entirely new design. The website now features a short prelude story about an attempted invasion of Eorzea (the games main continent) from an unknown force, leading to the current "Age of Adventurer's." There is also information on one of the three main cities, Limsa-Lominsa, and the five races. The other two main cities history are marked simply as "Coming Soon."

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Myst3117d ago

*Goes down hard from all the initial stress this Final Fantasy XIV information is having on me*

So much...Information...

Go Gaming Giant3115d ago

lol, site does look a lot better

Kamikaze83115d ago

Sweet. Cant wait for more.

Gamoc3115d ago

I wish they'd release XIII before doing all this with XIV.

Darren_y23115d ago

It's funny how they're willing to show off FF14 before 13 is even out and even before, they've even shown FF Versus 13.