Map Packs Important for Modern Warfare 2

Activision's quarterly financial call yesterday was chock full of news, particularly for the Call of Duty franchise.

President and CEO of Activision Publishing Mike Griffith gave investors a full look at the company's upcoming plans for Modern Warfare 2, including what type of online content is in development.

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eclectified3145d ago

Console gamers are forced to fork up some cash while PC gamers get the map packs for free in addition to user created maps and mods.I wish my friends would open their eyes and move to PC gaming so I can sell this thing.

Rob Hornecker3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

I would like to see the console publishers take a closer look at the pc.By adding a map editor to a game like MW2 for the PS3/Xb360 would make more of a "game value" sense than just another map pack.I would sure like to see a map editor in one of these so called special/collectors editions. More so than a helmet,dog tags,night vision goggles and worthless art books.

I must say that even though it's not my favorite combat FPS the add on map packs for CoD/[email protected] have gotten better with each new release. They do show innovation and enjoyable game play. Now if they would just make some of them useable in the online co-op campaign.

One last thing ...PLEASE no zombie maps for MW2!

Rusco873145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

for what they are charging for the game all DLC for this game should be free. Not as if they would be able to afford it seen as though some places have a £55 - £60 price tag on it.

Rainstorm813145d ago

Why would you have timed exclusive map packs if they are so important to the game??

Cwalat3145d ago

Activision: "Map pack important for Modern War....*uhm Our wallets! uhm*..fare 2."

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Admiral_Benson3145d ago

...should be

Map Packs Important for Bobby Kotick's Bank Balance

ShabzS3145d ago

oh man i really hope they dont pull a "halo 3" on us with the team deathmatches playlists ..... seriously

mrv3213145d ago

They announced map packs before they finished making the game... can't they just add them in after all we are pay £55 for it. So if these map packs are £8 each that will big the new total to £71... for a game, which is too much.

Also no doubt these COD map packs will probably play a big part of MW2 like Halo's or COD:WAW or Gears 2... where if you don't buy them you'll miss the best of the game.

Thank god for PSN sharing.

Baka-akaB3145d ago

Screw this , i was kinda forced on cod4 to buy the packs , because well most friends did and then not having it exclude you from many games .
But this time around i dont care .

ShabzS3145d ago

cod 4's viraiety map pack was honestly crap .... only the killhouse map was my fav .... same with creek for some sniping practice ... iw never supported cod 4 as much as they should have ... more map packs for mw 2 is good but i hope they dont limit the playlist without the map packs

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The story is too old to be commented.