Punch-Out!! has a 22-year-old secret

NE writes: "Did you know that the original Punch-Out!! has a 22-year-old secret? Well, apparently it does, and Nintendo is finally ready to share it with gamers."

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Polluted2998d ago

Well done. Seriously. :)

Arthur_2998d ago (Edited 2998d ago )

yesterday on my ipod touch. and i had forgot how to "superpunch" so I looked it up online(btw, its the start button lol). it had been a while since i had played so i looked at all the other tips and tricks people had posted on various gaming sites. believe it or not, people already knew about this.

Mo0eY2998d ago

Congrats Nintendo Owners. You finally made it to the number one spot on N4G. It only took you 22 years.

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Alex_Mexico2998d ago

bleh, I was hoping for something way way way WAY bigger.

SuperStrokey11232998d ago

Me too, like a super secret character or something ala Mortal Kombat 1 rumours

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The story is too old to be commented.