The Top 10 Video Game "oddities"

Gamefaq Writes..... From the early days of gaming until now, there have always been ways that games have glitched, bugged, or otherwise become "odd". Sometimes they are just moments, and sometimes they are completely gamebraking. The ten most well known and most unique oddities are listed here.

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dkblackhawk3267d ago

It ain't that bad of a list but some of the games i have to disagree with.

KionicWarlord2223267d ago

Skydiving was a messed up glitch in gears of war .

If you have the sniper it`s like a combo .

-Mezzo-3267d ago

I myself agree with the article.

Steve0073267d ago

me too but only on some points.

-Mezzo-3266d ago

which point do you disagree with.

poindat3267d ago

I remember playing the original Roller Coaster Tycoon when something like the Pokemon "Missingno" glitch happened. Some entertainer or security guard or someone was walking around and suddenly they started glowing bright green/yellow and became an indistinguishable mess. It was terrifying, I thought a nuclear holocaust was upon us. lol

Hercules3267d ago

that WR direct snap wasnt that big of a deal...

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