Batman Arkham Asylum Is The Best Looking Game On The Unreal Engine

Badassgamerblog: " Got my hands on the demo today, have played through it multiple times. I'll be posting my impressions of the demo soon, however one thing that struck me from the onset was just how good the game looks."

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mrblacknut3085d ago

Your pic quality doesn't show the game justice. No one would believe what you are saying unless they play it themselves. I hope others get a chance to play it themselves on their HD displays before seeing this.

DasBunker3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

lol those have to be the ugliest pics ive seen while trying to make a point about a game visuals.. really

loved the demo tough, charachter models are good and enviroments look better than resident evil 5 IMO.

Altough i see his point which i agree at some degree.. you gotta take in consideration stuff that gears 2 does that batman AA probably doesnt, so you can make a more accurate judgement..its not as simple as the writer puts it IMO

PS360DS3085d ago

yes, not the best pics, those don't do the game any justice really, like u said amazing looking game

bmatthews3085d ago

yeah, should probably get a HD camera or something...or maybe he isn't in his usual location? who knows.

JL3085d ago

I haven't even finished downloading the demo to play it yet, but I can tell you those pics dont' do the game justice lol. Those really are some poor quality pics. Looks like he took a picture with his cell phone of his tv.

The Dark Knight3085d ago

BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooooooo

Kassanova073085d ago

It's a great looking game but the honor goes to Bioshock imo.

Megan Fox3085d ago

Good looking game, but not the best looking game on EU. Bioshock, ME and GeOW look better than this.

el zorro3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

I agree with you guys. Bioshock still looks better than this game.

Edit: Yes, Mass Effect and Gears also look better to me. But it is a pretty nice looking game. I think Batman fans are really going to dig it. Even many other gamers will enjoy it.

Alex_Mexico3085d ago

you kidding right? How long ago was the last time you played Bioshock? Im playing it right now for the first time ever (PS3, 3/4 into the game now) and I can tell you this game looks without a doubt better than Bioshock.
Dunno about Bioshock 2 but yes, Batman AA looks better than Bioshock 1, no contest.

Sarcasm3085d ago

I wouldn't say it's the best Unreal Engine game, but it's definitely using it better than 95% of other games using the engine that's for sure.

Overall great looking game though.


bioshock ME and gears2 are better looking.

(Alex_Mexico )

"you kidding right? How long ago was the last time you played Bioshock? Im playing it right now for the first time ever (PS3, 3/4 into the game now) and I can tell you this game looks without a doubt better than Bioshock.
Dunno about Bioshock 2 but yes, Batman AA looks better than Bioshock 1, no contest."

ps3's version was a port. the pc/360 versions were the versions that made the game into 07's goty.

SevWolf3085d ago

@ MGSR: Even though I personally thought Bioshock was an amazing looking should know that the PS3 looked exactly like the 360, but the PS3 version had a few better textures(well that's what the IGN review said).

Ju3085d ago

I totally agree. The character models, at least the main characters (guards look normal) are phenomenal (Gears doesn't even come close). The fighting animations are outstanding. Every slo-mo punsch hits its target exactly. Same with lightning. I was actually pretty impressed, even the cut scenes are directed in an outstanding movie fashion style. No need to compare this against the other games, neither of those has left me with an impression like the demo.

gaffyh3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

This game looks much much better than Bioshock, Mass Effect and Gears. There are actually points in this where it looks like CG, absolutely outstanding graphics for a multiplatform game.

Gears may look slightly better for some people due to the better bump mapping, that really does give things in Gears a great alien-like texture. But based on character models alone, Arkham Asylum is amazing.

EDIT: I'm not saying graphics in those games suck, they are just not as good as Batman's.

dirthurts3084d ago

This game does not hold it's own against bioshock.
Especially the PS3 version. And Yes I have played them both.
I personally feel like Gears of War and Bioshock both beat this game.
Detail is pretty decent, but I don't like the character models. No one looks natural (except harley quinn. rawr. )
I am downloading the pc version however. Let's see how that version of Batman looks.

nycredude3084d ago

What is wrong with everyone here. This game, in the demo looks ok! That's it. There are some areas that look great but others that look really bad with crap textures. Biioshock was better looking and what about Gears 1 and 2?

Only the main character models so far look good, but the guards and other secondary enemies look like total ass!!!! Environments look kind of stale too. Maybe I am spoiled but I wasn't impress with the graphics.

However the gameplay was pretty tight, and is probably what will make this game a possible buy for me.

DaTruth3084d ago

I haven't downloaded yet, but when I heard Unreal I wasn't going to bother. But since reading the comments, I will definitely be downloading... actually, I'll do that now.


n looks good in her cheerleader outfit

BlackTar1873084d ago

Graphics im not sure had to much to do with Bioshock GOTY man you just cant leave out comments like that huh. How sad.

PS3 a port pc/360 made GOTY i played it on pc because it was $10 cheaper and i had just got a new alienware and after playing it and beating it then getting the 360 version for achievements and ps3 for trophies and the extra mode i have to say 360 and ps3 are both terrible looking then my comp was kinda off set the game since the lighting was what made the game for me and on 360 and ps3 it wasn't up to par. Now this is something only ruined by my comp exp. but to me Bioshock looks sub par on both systems .

BUT IN ORDER FOR ME TO PLAY IT LIKE 12x total thats saying something special and all this talk i want to go play it right now.

gaffyh3084d ago

@1.17 - Well a demo is representative of the final product, and demos are usually from earlier builds of the game, which means the game will look better than this demo.

I like the character trophy feature they have, it's pretty cool to see the full 3D model, too bad it doesn't animate though like it would in other games.

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bmatthews3085d ago

Good read, and I agree game looks better than most games on the UE right now, mass effects 2 might have something to say about that ;)

OperationFlashpoint23085d ago

Nice, must say Gears 2 has nothing on this game, this game simply looks awesome the demo is amazing

MiloGarret3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

That's probably due to the fact that you're blind, but whatever. The Joker does look better than any Gears character but overall it's not really a contest. It IS a great looking game nevertheless, which is even more impressive considering it's a multiplat game, so good going devs!

Pre-ordered it today along Assassins Creed 2 and Uncharted 2, oh happy times are a-comin'

Best thing is i got them for NOTHING by trading in games I played through ages ago. I'm actually liking Gamestop today.

PirateThom3085d ago

The game really does look good, you can tell it's UE, but it's so, so good looking which may be partly down to artstyle. It draws a lot of inspiration from various Batman media (comics, cartoons and the Burton and Nolan movies).

CestusGOWIII3085d ago

very true, the game looks great with a vivid art style.

lyvon3085d ago

couldn't have said it better myself

raztad3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )


I think you tangentially nailed it. This game has a very fitting art style that brings life to it, but IMO the graphics are average, nothing outstanding. This one and Bioshock are pretty comparable. Something that really impressed and surprised me was the game running at 1080p. I noticed it cause I have 720p mode dissabled, probably its just in-game upscaling (like MGS4 or NGS) but its nice nonetheless.

BTW, I'm gonna try the PC version at medium settings to see how compares with PS3's. It's a good chance to find out.

kaveti66163085d ago

What? I played the game demo today at a Target and the visuals are definitely not the best the Unreal Engine 3 has offered. I call bullcrap on this article, and some fool up in the posts said the environments look better than Resident Evil 5? Is that guy blind?

PirateThom3085d ago

That demo may be an old build, because it looks great. Really, really good.

STONEY43084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

The demo at Target isn't the same one. That's been out for about a year.

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Donga3085d ago

I really can't believe how amazing the game looks on my console, I wasn't expecting it to look that good.