New Final Fantasy XIV images and details from Famitsu

Famitsu has posted some interesting screens and details (google translated).

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Willio3241d ago

As much as i want to believe, i think those scans were PC versions only.

Loxhart3241d ago

Don't underestimate the power of a console. That's all I have to say, lol.

Nitrowolf23241d ago

who knows, but like Loxhart said don't underestimate it.

iamtehpwn3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

it on Ps3 and PC. I don't like tough decisions. xD
Plus, the PS3 version is more portable to carry around and what not to different places.

Also, noticed on the North American FFXIV Website,
It used to say Fees: TBA, now it does not even list Fee's any more.
EDIT: Fees are not listed on the Japanese website either, I checked.

IT MAY go the guild wars route and be Free play.
This could also explain the abandonment of PlayOnline.

.....Perhaps the best decision Square Enix could make?

Myst3241d ago

It's a trap!

Though who knows maybe? Or perhaps Square is still working out a way to do so.

iamtehpwn3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

LOL. I hope for no trap.

But if they can make FFXIV free play, The sales for this game...
would be entirely HUGE.

I can't think of a single person who wouldn't buy this if it was a one time fee.

EDIT: Pray for an Epic Summon system this time.
I'd love for to bust out Ifrit or Shiva at Free will like in VII.

Myst3241d ago

I just pray for additional classes to be unveiled later on, I think I remember (back when it was still called Code name 'rapture') that this game was supposed to have as many as or more classes than XI with some being brought over. I still don't know if this holds, but I still want to play a summoner class on Elvaan (or rather Elezen something like that I think >.<).

Though if it is just a one time fee I may end up buying both like you, one for the laptop and one for the PS3. Still trying to decide now actually. Portability of having it on the laptop or having the control of my character via the PS3 controller and on the big screen..

iamtehpwn3241d ago

But the Ability to change classes is based on the weapons you have.
So you can change classes simply by flipping through weapons.

This could mean...Possibly...Secret classes in the game. That'd be amazing. o_O

IF This is a one time fee, this could be the biggest MMO release of all time. Dare I say it, It may even take down WoW.

Myst3241d ago

Oh yeah forgot about that, then I hope to have samurai back to as well as Red Mage! Especially the red mage.

Also already working on tearing down WoW, just need a few more sticks of dynamite, a hammer and some string cheese.

Though yeah it certainly does, the Final Fantasy name alone could take it places. Those who have played XI will more than likely try it out, and if it's good it will be spread by word of mouth and perhaps adverts this time..maybe..o.o. I'm just hoping the grouping finding/joining won't be as relentless as XI was T_T before level sync.

Sarevok3241d ago

I'm going to be a fighter x3

I like swords :D

Arnon3241d ago

That depends on what platform it was created on... my guess is PC, but who knows.

Looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm logged on to FFXI right now XD

Ngai3241d ago

Actually.. i hope it's not free.. because that will filter out the bad from the good. 12-15 eur fee? Fine by me. Same as ffxi. Doubt it will be free anyway. It's even listed on the official website as tba.

Tony P3241d ago

I'm not sure if this is old news or not, but the official site has also undergone massive updating: http://www.finalfantasyxiv....

FamilyGuy3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

This games is looking gorgeous, i love the art style, the characters and a new card game to for the an mmo? This very well could be the next WoW.

Famitsu came through on this one, i thought it was be just a couple of screen we already saw from the other recent articles.

The official sites update has all of this and in higher quality for the pics. Thanks for the link Tony P

bpac1234567893241d ago

I can't even get excited for anything with final fantasy in its name, because I know its going to be years for it ever gets released. Its already been 5 years and final fantasy 13 still has no release date, never mind versus which i havn't heard anything about. Square use to be at the top of there game but now they've fallen off. At least there's still plenty of other great games coming to keep my wallet empty.
Also, I don't believe square for a second when they say that final fantasy 14 will be exclusive to the ps3 and pc. (man i feel like such a pessimist right now.)

GameGambits3241d ago

I hope the game for PS3 supports voice chat between linkshell members and party members. Or you could choose who to type to and who to chat with, so I could vocally to my party and then type to my linkshell/guild. That'd be a great feature! :D

Honestly as long as they bring back Monk and make Ninja a stealthy DD this time around instead of a tank I'll be more than pleased.

I'd pay 20 bucks a month for FFXIV lol. The site links to some render shots of the new races, but also in game. Best way to tell is looking at the hair. In game have way less hair strands/detail, but the renders are insanely detailed on hair.

Lalafell Monk, because midgets with fists is an assured win. :D

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Natsu X FairyTail3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I like the Character desings and these screens are neet.
good looking MMORPG.

edit:These desings bring back that old NES final fantasy vibe back.

Allelujah003241d ago

It does look very good, and it very well may be pre-rendered models. But PS3 can do some serious stuff. Look at Killzone 2.

Myst3241d ago

Very nice designs so far, and it seems the Mithra have gotten a new look from last time.

Still can't wait for this game!

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