Neocrisis - Batman: Arkham Asylum PC Demo Out Now

Neocrisis - The demo for the hotly anticipated, Batman: Arkham Asylum, is finally out for the PC and at a whopping 2.03GB. Hit the jump for the demo link.

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Pandamobile3267d ago

Downloading now.

Holy crap, PhysX integration =D

MagicAccent3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

And wow.
Im impressed. It was just so smooth. I actally felt like batman, and not just some guy in a costume acting like batmat. How cool is that :D

Finally the Batman game that the franchise deserves is here.

Moragami3266d ago

According the the development team adding PhysX to BAA is really going to add some immersiveness to the asylum.

"It’ll do tricks like creating realistic fog and smoke that’ll spiral through Arkham’s corridors, spider webs that tear and cling to Batman as he passes and kick up debris as he battles his enemies. It’ll also affect the games architecture, with walls chipping and pillars crumbling under impact, and glass particles crunching under Batman’s boots."

Ill wait an extra 3 weeks for the PC version! Sounds to be worth it completely.

Pandamobile3266d ago

It's totally worth the 3 week wait. Just like Mirror's Edge. The console version completely fails in comparison.

JonnyBigBoss3267d ago

Play it, enjoy it, love it. Let us know what you think.

Pandamobile3267d ago

Holy crap was this good. I'm usually not a fan of licensed character games but this one is absolutely incredible.

If you haven't downloaded it already, and if you've got a good enough rig to handle it... holy freaking crap.

Major_Tom3266d ago

Ya it was pretty damn good the combat flowed well.

Pandamobile3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

The character models are incredibly detailed. I took some pretty screenshots:

El_Colombiano3266d ago

The Joker's character model is to die for. But the UE3 look where the character models look like they're covered in Vaseline still prevails. Either way, I tried running this at 1080p with 16Q AA. Haha, my poor little 8800GT couldn't keep up! Had to take AA to zeeeeerrrooooo. But it looks phenomenal. Get this game!!!

Major_Tom3266d ago

You can still play with AA on 2x but 4x for the jaggies to be totally gone.

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Wolf8733267d ago

I just got it on Ps3 for only 1 gig. Anyways, awesome game.

adsaidler3267d ago

higher resolution textures, maybe?

Pandamobile3267d ago

Higher resolution textures, uncompressed sound, etc.

adsaidler3267d ago

all that good old stuff that makes PC gamers happy

STONEY43266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I played it on PS3 yesterday then on PC today, and it looked even better on PC. But I was suprised how good the PS3 version looked, it still looks amazing. The character models look better than every other UE3 game I've played.

dirthurts3266d ago

On pc.
The controls feel better too. Could just be because of the higher frame rate but still.
Also, the audio is much cleaner. Kind of sad considering I'm still using on board audio...

Pandamobile3266d ago

Hey man, on board audio is kickass. Almost every motherboard these days has built in 7 channel surround sound support.