Xbox LIVE Is Having Difficulties

Xbox LIVE is having difficulties this is what says:

Users may experience difficulties with the following services.

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Natsu X FairyTail3151d ago

I was winning a Team deathmatch on live and it stopped working on me.I tried re-connecting and its not working

Martini3151d ago

Yep, same here - it's definitely down at the moment, see

Myst3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

Huh interesting, so I take it that it will just affect those who are trying to sign in, but not so for those who are already signed into the service? As I was just on as well as a friend, I'll do a little test right now and see if I can get on.

Yep I can't sign onto Live.

WordLyfff3151d ago Show
3151d ago
IaMs123151d ago

What the hell man, get a freaking real life and stop showing us yours

ThanatosDMC3151d ago

You get what you paid for...

navyguy213151d ago

Geez, fanboys waste no time do they lol, Live was down an entire 20mins, and now we have fanboys posting it like its news. Im gonna start posting in my blog, and submitting on N4G every time my WiiConnect acts up lol :P

nnotdead3151d ago

it seems that a news story like this comes up every week. has Live been this bad lately?

glennc3151d ago

did you think fanboys actually played games? they are too busy to play games...

50CALheadshot3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )


funny how this pay to play service always has problems in comparison to the free service on the ps3 and the PC.

@natsuxfairytale: I doubt wordlyff can make u look any worse than you do yourself, so please stop acting like a little girl, you are annoying....and by your disagrees i can tell many others agree with me. just go to the open zone if you wanna act like a lil bitc# with your kicking, screaming and snitching

Arthur_3151d ago

so i didn't now about it. did it suck? how long did it last?

indysurfn3151d ago

worked fine for me about the time this story came out. Is still working fine. I had a friend test it, he said he had to try it twice before it worked. We are both in Indianapolis. Wonder if it depends on where you live?

Knghtz3151d ago

Your level of maturity and your sense of decency is unmatched. You are a sterling example of the perfect community poster, so full of both insight and wit. Further, it is obvious you hold no bias towards anything/anyone and this shows through in your posts. I commend you for all of your efforts.

Jecht3151d ago

Noooooo. Get out. You can't be serious.

Something you pay for can't possibly have problems. After all, you pay for it. That makes it superior to something free right?


50CALheadshot3151d ago (Edited 3151d ago )

but its rather easy to seem mature when n4g has hundreds of characters with multiple personalities running around like they own s#it( looks at natsuxfairytail).

on the downside is if i call out a character with multiple personalities as "natsuxfariytail", i have to endure him following me for weeks to come with his multiple accounts.

IdleLeeSiuLung3150d ago

Does Sony have a Status page like Xbox Live does?

DMason3150d ago

Are you fanboys telling me that your internet and cable never go down? You pay for that dont you? And Im sure it costs far more than Xbox Live.

The truth is, technology is not flawless. It has problems every now and then, it inevitable.

Whoever reported this article is pathetic. It's not news. It's just a biased fanboy trying to start a flame war. Plain and simple.

Marquis_de_Sade3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

Knghtz, the phrase hook, line and sinker comes to mind. Have a bubble ;)

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El_Colombiano3151d ago

Nah, that was just Gears being Gears.

Shepherd 2143151d ago

LOL at El Columbiano. You couldnt be more right

QuantumWake3151d ago

Fine.. Lets even it up. Damn, I was in a match in Halo 3.

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Nitrowolf23151d ago

lol at the reports on the left all sumbited by WordLyff
"It never happened, Xbox LIVE has never been down for even one day, ever. This is not true, please go back to your shanties."

Natsu X FairyTail3151d ago

who the hell disagreed with us all above?

Anyways . I've heard one of my buddies say that it's only the Canadian servers that arent working.

is that true???

IaMs123151d ago

Im in America and unless im using Canadian servers in the USA, its not working.

a_squirrel3150d ago

People must REALLY hate you....

*looks at profile*
Tracked by: 6 users
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hmmm, that pretty much explains it, they see you post and disagree, and you eventually get sent to the open zone, then they are all laughing....

-EvoAnubis-3151d ago

Fake: (31 minutes ago)
"It never happened, Xbox LIVE has never been down for even one day, ever. This is not true, please go back to your shanties."
Reported by: WordLyfff

What fantasies are people living?

a_squirrel3150d ago

I don't know but I'm going back to mine xD