PSP Trophies May Not be Impossible

It may not be a sure fire confirmation for the little trinkets to make their way to your favorite handheld, but Shuhei Yoshida, Senior Vice President at Product Development at SCEA, had this beacon of hope when asked about Trophies on the PSP by PTOM recently:

"It's under discussion, but there are some technical challenges."

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meepmoopmeep3238d ago

i really don't care if they have them or not but hey, more features the better

BigPete79783238d ago

I'm with you on not caring for them too much. I mean I see the draw for them. But there are so many trophy whores out there that would buy a PSP just for the trophies alone. It would be huge for Sony's PSP sales.

Jaces3238d ago

Oh dear....I'm already horrible with whoring my trohpies on the PS3. If they came to the PSP, welp then I think I'd be done for.

Charlie_Shene3238d ago

Sony said they were not going to add Trophies because the system has been hacked and still allows online play. Ps3 has never been hacked so Trophies are safe. hacked 360s cant log onto live so its safe.

nikada3238d ago

you're bit wrong mate. hacked xboxes CAN log into live, and play there, but its really unsafe because you could be detected my MS and get a perma ban.
ps. on the hacking. the iphone will soon have trophies, and it can be hacked even easier than the psp, so why cant we haz trophies?

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Lifewish3238d ago

if they can get them that would be great but its still ok without

-Mezzo-3238d ago

i believe that trophies will come to PSP GO through a Firmware or PSP 2.

drdre743237d ago

{How about forcing people to be logged onto the network when trying to accumulate trophies? I’m sure the powers that be can think of a way to allow the PSP crowd to get their fix!}

that would suck since that means you'd have to be in a wi fi spot everytime you play the game. Which take the fun out of being able to be on the go with the game.