GameSpot: Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Review

GameSpot writes: "You may have cringed at the idea of Fallout 3 in space, and if you have, you already know Mothership Zeta wasn't created with you in mind. Carrying alien zappers from space around the postapocalyptic wastelands while wearing samurai armor (another possible bit of loot you can carry back with you) certainly won't appeal to every Fallout aficionado. Open-minded fans will glean some enjoyment from this sci-fi-skinned dungeon crawler, but by isolating its game's weaknesses without catering to its strengths, developer Bethesda Game Studios has ended Fallout 3's run of downloadable content not with a bang, but a whimper".

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Saaking3086d ago

Ouch, another failure for the Failbox.

-EvoAnubis-3086d ago

Which is a very stupid thing to say considering this content will also be on PSN.

-Mezzo-3086d ago

i was really looking forward to this but the reviews seems pretty bad. but i'll get it any way who knows i might enjoy it.

Megaton3086d ago

Okay so from what I gather from friends and media, Broken Steel and Point Lookout are the best, then comes The Pitt, and then either Anchorage or Zeta could be considered the worst.

terrandragon3086d ago

I will be getting the GOTY Edition so it won't really matter to me. But I have played some of the DLC and I would partially agree.