IGN: Trine Review

IGN writes: "Trine is great fun in single-player and it's worth experimenting with the three-player co-op even if the game works best as a solo experience. Players are given a set of tools (three characters with unique abilities) and are presented with problems that can be solved in several ways, resulting in an adventure that feels wide open despite being relegated to a mere two dimensions. The beautiful visuals and sound bring this world to life and there is something new to discover around every corner. A lack of enemy variety, disappointing conclusion, and the wonky multiplayer keep Trine from greatness, but this is still a highly recommended puzzle platformer".

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xztence3243d ago

I'll definitly get this on psn.

joemayo763243d ago

some of those massive looking environments (altho only limited to 2d) remind me alot of VP2's Valhalla and style. really loking forward to this game

dirthurts3243d ago

3D graphics, 2D gameplay to be precise. I like that though.
2D gameplay needs to make a come back.

CWMR3243d ago

-I've had my eye on Trine for some time and it looks amazing. Happily it is getting nice reviews as well.-

Saaking3243d ago

Another great game on PC/PS3. At least the bots got TMNT lmao!

ambientFLIER3243d ago

Not AAA, therefore it's worthless.

-Mezzo-3243d ago

I haven't bought this game yet.

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