Sarbakan Games Dropping Three New Titles - G4 TV

Yesterday (8.05.09) G4's Stephen Johnson revealed that the Canadian Game Studio Sarbakan is developing three original titles for Xbox and PC.

During an exclusive interview with Marketing Director Sara Garneau, Stephen revealed that, "Sarbakan's got a couple of casual PC games in beta: A light, browser-based MMO called Star Fever Agency that skewers the entertainment industry by casting players as powerful Hollywood agents tasked with managing the careers of a stable of stars and starlets, and Little Noir Stories: The Case of the Missing Girl, a hidden object game available for PC."

Sarbakan was not ready to provide the title of Sarbakan's Arcade game or any "tangible information, however Garneau assured G4 that a full launch is coming in the first quarter of 2010, and that it will be worth waiting for.

G4 will be unveiling an exclusive video of the new title in action soon.

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