Is Microsoft's Games On Demand Service Fundamentally Flawed?

Aaron Mitchell from That Aussie Game Site writes, "I'm a big fan of moving away from standard retail, but the reason I'm a big fan is because the idea of downloading all your games should make it cheaper, easier and more convenient to get the games you want. The service Xbox is providing at launch doesn't seem cheaper, easier or more convenient to me."

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GiantEnemyCrab3268d ago

No doubt this article touches on the weak points of the service. However, fundamentally flawed I guess we will see how much they sell. If people don't buy them then they are going to have to adjust things like price, types of games and getting HDD's priced better so more people will take advantage of it.

It just launched today.. Before you get out the pitchforks lets see what happens. Like the article said, you aren't missing much if you don't buy any of them because more than likely you've played these year+ old games.

JaggedSac3268d ago

Microsoft has already stated that they do not want to upset the retail channel by releasing new games. They also stated that they do not want to beat their prices. Retail is currently an important cog in the console machine, throwing a wrench in would be a very bad idea.

ThanatosDMC3268d ago

I'm all for DD, if it works like Steam.

Tony P3268d ago

^^^Yeah, but Steam gets new games.

And are my eyes really not seeing a Halo 3 or Gears entry on that list? What's up with that?

ThanatosDMC3268d ago

But the great thing about DD... eerr... at least the PC version, is it's $10 cheaper than the console version, which is extremely odd.

I still dont get why a dvd of a 360 version of a game is more expensive than the dvd of its PC version. I understand if it was bluray or hddvd but it's not.

green3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

With consoles, you pay millions of dollars in royalties to the console manufacturer.That is a non issue on the PC.

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Xi3268d ago

Is to use the games on demand service to sell soon to be platinum games roughly a week earlier then the expected retailer dates.

They should also co-ordinate some sort of deal of the week or weekend sales similar to that which steam holds.

Saaking3268d ago

Exactly, my PS3 has a 500 gig HDD that cost me only 100 bucks. I don't care about space. The 360 is limited to 120 Gigs and it's way overpriced. I bought perfect dark zero for 10 bucks, Kameo for 7, and Mass Effect for 15. Bioshock was being sold for 5 bucks on steam a few weeks ago. The games on demand, though a nice service, is useless. If a DL game costs more than a hard copy then that's just redundant.

kaveti66163268d ago

Yes, if the price of the game on demand is the same as retail, it may be a bit more convenient to download the game rather than drive to the store to get it, but at the same time I want the price to be cheaper because it offers that extra motivation. On the other hand, downloading the game instead of driving to the store does save some gas. Another flaw is the fact that all the games are years old, and the library is currently small. Microsoft can bring a lot more popularity to the service by releasing some upcoming games on the service.

DoctorSavage3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

If games run better.

How could they run better?

How about a 7,200 RPM drive option, or better yet how about a SSD drive option.

Microsoft needs to allow us to use our own drives, so we could have faster drives (and larger HDDs). More room equals more downloads equals more money and.....

Load screens be DAMNED!!!

How about new games to dounload onto a 1TB 7,200GB drive or a 250GB SSD drive. FREE THE HDDs Microsoft!!!

Since they are happy to overcharge on HDDs they could sell us the option to use our own drives.

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kaveti66163268d ago

Um, alright you make some good points. I don't see why you decided to bring politics into this. Politicians are never good. In America the only democratic choice we have is being able to choose the lesser of two evils.

DoctorSavage3268d ago

I had to bring politics into it cause I really wanted to type BUCKTOOTHED WONDER RUTH BADER GINSBURG.

Nothing more nothing less.

And I agree with the lesser of two evils.


I don't want to have to call anyone at Microsoft a BUCKTOOTHED WONDER.