6 Ways to Use Your Video Game Skills at the Office

All those years of killing Nazis, keeping a party of androgynous spiky-haired mutes at full HP, and weighing the sweet temptation of being evil against treading the road of righteousness pays off once gamers meet their cubicles.

Here are six key areas where gamers excel at the office. And your mom always said all games do is rot your brain.

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Shnazzyone2999d ago

Last I heard Xbox live Gamers are hardly capable of Tolerance of different people. They are homophobic and often racist. The number 5 should clearly be replaced with problem solving. Seeing as a gamer is capable of running around a problem looking for answers for hours and are often inventive at finding a solution.

ShinMaster2999d ago

You make valid points there.

JOLLY12998d ago

Have you heard the kids on psn? Oh wait, you don't really have a way to hear too many of them. The ones you do hear though are just as bad. The reason that you don't hear about the psn and these issues is because it's hard to find anyone even talking on the service.

poopsack2998d ago just answered ur own question?

Nitrowolf22998d ago

wtf are you talking about JOLLY1, i find people with mics all the time. As for the kids, it is the same everywhere. No matter what system you play there will always be annoying little kids.

50CALheadshot2998d ago

you need to try a little harder troll, your stumbling over your own words

ia_studio2998d ago

Best article Ive read in a long time.
I lold so hard, probably because I work in an office.

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xdye0172998d ago

Being master cheif gets you promoted.

Arapidos2998d ago


This exemplified my work experience when I interned at a Law Firm for a month. Some of the "tasks" (quests) I was given by my Boss Lawyer required me to literally grind through stack of 1000+ papers. I felt like I was grinding in some MMO, but honestly... NO ONE ELSE in the office could do what I did in the time I did it. Mainly because the average secretary of the lawyer was some woman in their early 50's who couldn't type for nothing.

Davoh2998d ago

All this is immediately going on my CV, lol