Official Windows 7 upgrade chart is ridiculous


"This is seriously Microsoft's Windows 7 upgrade chart, and it's ridiculous. It manages to highlight the insanity of shipping multiple OS versions while totally minimizing the good news: most Vista users will be able to upgrade in place to the corresponding 32- or 64-bit version of 7. That should cover the vast majority of people running Vista, but if you're still on XP or you're trying to do anything out of the ordinary you'd better get ready for some pain: all those ominous blue boxes require you to back up, wipe your drive, and reinstall a totally clean copy of 7."

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JOLLY12993d ago

Sweet Ultimate 64 to Ultimate 64 easy install.

mal_tez922993d ago

Installing the 64-bit RC for 7 was too easy!
So I'm not so sure what the charts are talking about.

Kushan2993d ago

Don't see what's so complicated about it?
I wouldn't recommend ever "upgrading" an OS anyway. Backup your documents, backup anything important and do a fresh, clean install.

Godmars2902993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

You're forgetting that the average PC user has below average understanding of their PCs.

Ease of use is suppose to be Windows main strength. That's why Vista failed in the public eye.

"Vista failed in the public eye because people thought it was buggy and a resource hog."

You're not comprehending the term "ease of use." And it was buggy, to 3rd party software and hardware, and a resource hog, considering all the low-end desktops that couldn't run it fully.

Kushan2993d ago

No, Vista failed in the public eye because people thought it was buggy and a resource hog. Ease of use was actually one of its better points.

krauley2993d ago

i agree with you that a clean install would be better for most users than the upgrade and most of them would think their pc's run faster with the new os even though they were bogging down from not being maintained right. but i think alot of people will screw up the install and blame what i consider to be one of the better windows version released.

The Lazy One2993d ago

If it doesn't tell you it's going to clear your hard drive, then I'd see a reason to complain.

If you're stupid enough to clear your hard drive when a pop up says "you better back up your hard drive now because we're going to clear it," you deserve to get your hard drive wiped tbh.

It definitely could be worse. Now days there's so many storage solutions for backing up ur PC you don't really have an excuse not to back it up anyways.

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360usetobegood2993d ago

I think Windows 7 will not be good. Possibly down right bad. Hacked first day. Exploited within 6 months to the point security doesnt exist.

DX11 will bring nothing but waiting.

Googles OS shall destroy Microsoft. Microsoft will then become like a Marshalls clothing store and start selling buckets of wheat and rye mixed with colored dye because they dont want you to see 49.99 coming in like FLINT!

KionicWarlord2222993d ago (Edited 2993d ago )

How will google`s os destroy Microsoft ?

AngryTypingGuy2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

360usetobegood - "Baaaaa Baaaaa"...I always knew you Sony fangirls were a bunch of sheep.

Something tells me you never liked the 360 to begin with. Your name doesn't even make sense. How can a console not be good anymore? A console never has less games than it did before, and it receives updates so it's constantly improving. By the way genius, it's "used to", not "use to".

BulletToothtony2993d ago

can't wait for snow leopard and windows 7 on bootcamp.. OS Blizz!

Arkham2993d ago

I pretty much agree with you, but I prefer the non-Mac hardware superiority. So, give me a Windows 7-based 'bootcamp' to (properly...) run OSX and I'd be very happy. ;)

NextGEN Gamers2993d ago

This article is completely wrong.

It doesn't say you loose everything if you go from XP to Windows 7. It says that you have to do some custom changes as part of your upgrade. As with going from XP to Vista, you will be prompted on your upgrade install on what you want to do with these changes.

Only those going from a specific version of Vista to it's counterpart in W7 will get the set and forget install option.

warfed2993d ago

I am not sure what you are seeing, but it says it needs a "custom install" which is a clean install.

It says it right underneath the chart.

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