XGN: Killzone 2 - Napalm & Cordite Pack Review

XGN writes: "For an, especially multiplayer game like Killzone 2 longer tenable to some innovations are regularly required. The developer has just put its third package in the online shop of the PlayStation 3. We find this package a great addition to Killzone 2?"

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Headshot813117d ago

This is the 5th KZ article that claims to be a review,yet the author doesn't review sh!t. It just makes readers believe that the author didn't even play the DLC. Looks like you "copied and paste" the maps discription, and thew a little conclusion at the end. Holy sh!t, i dont even know what you liked or dislike. You just discribed the maps and guns and slapped a score to it. That is not a review, since you didn't even write your take on the dlc! Now, from looking at the site, i wouldn't even mention the word biased?

rbluetank3117d ago

there seems to be alot of out of work lobbyist on N4G now... i have read through alot of circle articles lately; that lead me to know where. lol