Shatter - the Lost Gamer Review

It was Atari that introduced the world to the concept of 'block-break' games with their Breakout title, released in 1976. Fast-forward 33 years, and I doubt the initial Atari team would have ever expected to see so much innovation within a game that followed the same genre as Sidhe Interactive have displayed in their recently released PSN exclusive title, Shatter.

Sidhe have taken the initial concept, and taken it in so many new directions that it's hard to decide what to discuss first. I guess it would be most sensible to start from the ground up, block by block - so to speak!

As with similar titles, you are placed in control of a bat that you are able to maneuver along one side of the level. From this point, you must deflect your ball back and forth to remove all blocks from the game - a simple enough concept within itself, however now we incoporate the remarkable additions Sidhe have introduced.

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InfectedDK3210d ago

Pls. make DLC with some more different modes!

GiantEnemyCrab3210d ago

I am not into brick breakers but Shatter does so much more. Great game and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a fast paced Arkanoid type of experience.