Pure Pwnage Gets A [REAL] TV Show

Joystick Division writes: "That's right, the Pure Pwnage boys have officially gotten their own show. As of now, it's eight episodes and will air sometime in 2010 on Showcase in Canada. So to any Canadian pirates out their: please do your best to distribute it out as quickly as possible to us lonely gamers to your south."

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ttlFantastic3025d ago

FPS Doug is gonna be on TV too? Is that safe?

markfrost3025d ago

I wonder if they approached other TV stations about it? Thank god G4 didn't get their hands on it!

siliticx3025d ago

this doesnt ruin the show and they dont end up changing it to please the general public.

poopsack3025d ago

we need mega 64 on tv, whichd be funny cause they origianted on public access

RAM MAGNUMS3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I don't know anything about them because I think destructoid is pure crap but if these guys are Sony soilders I'll put the good word through the wire. If they are 360 fanboys then they can self deseruct themselves back to the Internet.

Truly yours.
The Playstation nation

I just read the premise of the show & it stinks.
It will never survive the 1st episode let alone LOL any kind of syndication.
Good luck pure pwnage, you're gonna need it bigtime.

evrfighter3025d ago

they are pc gamers.

Doug is obviously an FPS gamer and Jeremy was an RTS gamer back in the day...He converted to FPS but that was years ago when I used to watch their episodes...Never finished em tho

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