Gamed: Top 10 - Game Music Credits

Gamed writes: "Normally our top ten overloaded with text and explanations. This time. Since the summer - and we want our hard earned retirement benefit - we show only the images. Lazy devil we are not. The next time there will be a weekly top ten or top thirty. Today we look at the game music credits."

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Batzi3214d ago

The Best is Yet to Come should've been #1. Anyway, "Still Alive" ain't bad.

Chrisny853213d ago

i like that street fighter song but so many other songs from that series were better.

i think the list kinda sucked although the warcraft song was ok. It got ghay once he started singing.

Hideous Kojima3213d ago

Mass Effect, Portal, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3 are still the best.

Tony P3213d ago

Yeah, Portal was awesome. That ending bit, Still Alive, with GLaDOS singing was absolutely brilliant. The Best Is Yet to Come is classic as well. I forgot how much I liked the song. I also liked Mass Effect's end theme, M4 Part II, as well.

JonnyBigBoss3213d ago

Great list. I agree with it for the most part.

kalebgray923213d ago

but my fav still is kingdom hearts

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