First Retail Shots of New Xbox 360 Arcade/Elite

caliblue15 from writes: So, someone had fun today, as I just received these from my anonymous Best Buy insider....

These are the first retail shots of the new Xbox 360's coming in to a store. So, the rumor is confirmed and it seems as though the Pro is being phased out.

Upon further review the Xbox 360 Elite is out of stock at Best Buy by August 30th, but the Pro is still listed as 2013... So technically its not gone yet, but its only a matter of time.

Is this a ploy to take some steam out of the Sony train to GamesCom?

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Chris3993267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Glad that I used my warranty/ picked up a RE: 5 bundle (confirmed Jasper too) before all this goes down.

I know a lot of people don't care for EB Games, but the one I go to have always been decent when it comes to system and game swaps.

chaosatom3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

What's new in the models?

Arcade remains priced at $200, but elite would be $300?

happyface3267d ago

this is just designed to steal all of sony's thunder again

plus MS has Halo ODST dropping soon, a new HALO fps overshadows sony anything

sony's timing couldn't be worse it seems...

silvacrest3267d ago

your underestimating GT5

thats if it comes out this year though, if not then i agree with u

Hobadoon3267d ago

I laughed out loud at the point

"a new HALO fps overshadows sony anything "

I'm not a Sony hater in any way. Hell, I love my PS3 and have a war tonight on SOCOM . I guess it was more so the wording that cracked me up. I've never thought of it like that. A basic Halo FPS really would outsell a Sony anything haha.

(Not saying Halo is "basic". I love Halo 3. Go figure my two favorite shooters ever end up on separate consoles).

happyface3267d ago

well, sometimes I just have to *facepalm at sony*

they wait too long to price drop, then when they finally decide to do it they run smack into new HALO game and a cheap ELITE xbox, not to mention Wii getting NEW WII SPORTS and NEW MARIO BROS

its like monkeys run sony ps3 division, they couldn't pick a worse time for a price drop

Syronicus3267d ago

I would normally agree with that but then I look at the Gran Turismo series and find that it is the only game between the two that reached over 14 million games sold for a single title in the series. That is a feat that even Halo has never reached. Don't underestimate GT, it is a juggernaut all to itself.

Mario3266d ago

Talking in terms of sales numbers, gran turismo has crapped all over halo. I don't think any of the halo games has outsold gran turismo 3. Contrary to your fanboy opinion, sony has taken a master stroke. A cheaper ps3 slim with gran turismo 5 is going to absolutely rocket sales. You think a piece of dlc will beat that combo? Lol, you just have to wait and see

SuperM3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

honestly. the elite is an overpriced piece of trash. If the PS3 slim comes out at a 299 price point, the elite will be looked at as ridiculus unless it drops price.

Oh and btw fanboys. dont take "trash" literally (Yea i know you will anyway)

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KionicWarlord2223267d ago

No hdmi on there....

What is Microsoft thinking ?

Pushing there streaming service ?

Chris3993267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Nintendo has the same condition. It's lethal in their case.

It's smart business though, and it allows MS to shave money off the elite bundle (in an attempt to counter the PS3 Slim/ price-drop/ whatever Sony has cooked up).

The console makers are taking off their gloves and getting messy. Place yer bets!

Kushan3267d ago

Any bog standard HDMI cable will do, you don't HAVE to buy a Microsoft branded one.

CWMR3267d ago

-HDMI cables are like $4 online, so I don't see what the big deal is. Especially since around half the people that buy these HD consoles don't even have an HDTV.-

hades073267d ago

Not even so bad with no hdmi, but no component either so out of the box its not even in HD? Im as big an xbox fan as anyone but that is just ludicrous.

Dark-vash3267d ago

The components cable has a switch to change from components 720p to composite video.

It's a 2 in 1


Its Component and Scart cable and as I know the Component can display 1080p atleast at my cousins place I only play 720p becuse my TV cant handle more anyway.

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matt2473267d ago

what's that '5' next to the Live logo for?

Kushan3267d ago

It's just a footnote. On the back of the box, it'll list 5 as being "Xbox Live Silver is free, but gold is not", only a bit more wordy.

GiantEnemyCrab3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

I do have to say on the back of the Arcade the XBOX Live and the big capital FREE is very deceptive on MS's part. I understand you can connect to Live for free but you can't use any of it for gaming unless you pay.

MS knows that the public don't want to pay for it so you can see they consciously exaggerate that it's FREE on the box when it isn't. I do see they have the 12month Gold card on the box but still shady.

That is deceptive marketing if I ever saw it.

GiantEnemyCrab3267d ago

I also didn't pick up the little number 5 next to the XBL logo. I guess that is the caveat of fine print at the bottom. (thanks Jack Who)

That is better and while still shady it's no different than what a lot of companies do. Sneaky!!! hehe

BX813267d ago

I don't think it's sneaky. Probably to an uniformed buyer, but if you're an uninformed buyer it's your own fault. XBOX Live silver is free and if it has a free 12month XBOX LIVE gold card, well that is still free. Smart if you ask me but what's the deal with the HDMI cable?

Kushan3267d ago

Technically it's correct, though. As annoying as it is, live does have a lot of features that don't require you to pay for, specifically downloading demos, games, content, etc. Live accounts themselves are free, but "Gold" accounts are not. You see this kind of thing all the time, from all sorts of businesses. Airlines are the worst for it (at least in the UK), where they'll offer you cheap or even FREE flights, but charge you for checking in, baggage handling, etc.

AS for the HDMI cable, you're under no obligation to buy the MS branded one. Unless you need optical or something, any bog standard HDMI cable will work just as well.

Poopface the 2nd3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

THey could offer online gaming for free and could still sell gold memberships with access to special features taht silver doesnt get. That could be one reason they are adding so many gold only features. But it could also just be to get people to continue to pay for online gaming. And remember, since 2002 XboX live has always meant online gaming first and foremost, as thats all it used to do. IM hoping free online gaming for everyone and special features for gold members.

On my box it says:

XBOX LIVE-------------------------- -- Silver membership(with the little 5 next to it)

So who knows. I dont know why they would start tricking people now but I wouldnt put it beyond microsoft to change it just to confuse people.

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xztence3267d ago

MS does it again
notice the Xbox Live - FREE
Yeah right...
MS deceiving customers for their hardearned cash.

jack who3267d ago


KionicWarlord2223267d ago

ha ha jack who....funny man .

xztence3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

Yes I know silver is free, but the general public might not know that.
now they'll think xbox live whole service is free and buy it only to find out the cold hard truth later...

this is deceiving the customers eyes and M$ damn well knows it.

edit @ jack ass below

what? what do you mean "go read number 5" where do I have to go read.
dont spout bullcrap.

jack who3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

see that big number 5 next too the xboxlive logo hmm yeah that, that means go read number 5.

xztence stop pmsing and go to gamestop or wherever and look on teh box

Poopface the 2nd3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

as this could be microsoft trying to deceive people. It could also mean taht online gaming is going to finally be free.

My arcade was made in feb. 2009. On my box it says:

XBOX LIVE------------------------- Silver Membership(5)

Im not sure what to think as it doesnt make much sense to try and deceive people now, when the old boxes made it clear that it only came with a silver membership. But I can still see them changing it to trick people.

likedamaster3267d ago

You might have something there poopface(lol). I did notice Microsoft mentioning in-game ads(non-intrusive ads) coming to Live. I mean, with ads Xbox Live could pay for itself. We will have to see.

Obama3267d ago

lol likedamaster you think MS will give up ripping off the users of their cash??? Live will never be free.

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