Defending virtual rape: Not the same as condoning it

Destructoid writes..... This week, William Usher of the Web site Cinema Blend wrote a rather scathing editorial aimed at the Destructoid community, as well as the community at News 4 Gamers. The article concerned reactions to a story I had written, in which Japanese "rape" games were getting renamed "platinum" games, following the controversy over RapeLay, which has been recently banned due to the outrage it caused when it was found for sale on Amazon.

A number of N4G and Destructoid users criticized the banning of RapeLay, which Cinema Blend has in turn used as a jumping point to argue that those same users must logically enjoy the virtual rape of women, since you cannot defend something without liking the idea of it.

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-Mezzo-3268d ago

LOL. already so many people are hurt due to that comment..

NegativeCreep4273268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

You could go ahead and say most people are...Butt Hurt...about that comment.

-Mezzo-3268d ago

LOL. i would have if there was no BAN FEAR around me.

Marty83703268d ago

Why are people giving this sh#t the time of day.

xztence3268d ago

what i've been saying.

-Mezzo-3268d ago

maybe it's a concerned matter.

LostDjinn3268d ago

this looks forum-iliar.

Mario3268d ago

If anyone views rape as entertainment, they should be shot

NaiNaiNai3268d ago

Mario according to your logic, Anyone who plays shooting games should be guilty to war crimes. Or people who team kill allowed to be torchored for being a traitor.

now thats ridiculos isn't it.

I say support it. I don't race illegally because I play racing games, This could in fact do the same. Rape someone in a fake world instead of the girl next door.

IMO of course.

Mario3268d ago

Actually i have a genuine question directed to the destructoid author, because i know you'll be reading this.

If a videogame was released involving raping children, would you defend it, just because some people out there may like to play that game?

That's the reasoning you seem to have taken

heroicjanitor3268d ago (Edited 3268d ago )

But I think it's different if it is a child. Rapelay would show sex with a woman(rape, but still sex, not too far removed from bdsm), while the one you stated would show child abuse. But if you go this way then you can't do anything like shooting people in grand theft auto(there would still be a case for war games). It's a tricky situation. Like saying kill that child or I'll kill this one, what should you do?

stephen20053268d ago

"Mario according to your logic, Anyone who plays shooting games should be guilty to war crimes. Or people who team kill allowed to be torchored for being a traitor."

See, this is what everybody that is defending Rapelay is saying, but it's missing the point. At least, my main point with this game.

In Rapelay, you hunt down a mother and her CHILDREN and rape them. There is a line that is crossed when you add children to the mix IMO. Can you kill children in Grand Theft Auto? On the back of GTA IV's box does it say "This amazing game puts you in the role of Niko Bellic, his main goal? To hunt down and kill a mother and her children! Sounds like fun, huh?"

It may sound hypocritical or whatnot, "it's the same thing" you may say. But still, when I read that description of the game, I vividly got pissed. Come on people, you seriously have that low of a life, that you can't even have sick fantasies about women of age?

And I still think a guy that makes an army game with violence is no where near the sick level of a guy who makes a game about raping women and little girls.

So, I guess my aggravation isn't towards rapelay per see, it's against the person(s) who made it. It reminds me once again that we live in a world with some truly sick individuals.

cyberwaffles3268d ago

wait a minute, so are you guys trying to tell me it's deplorable to rape little children in a video game but raping a woman is not as bad? come on now, if people don't think raping children is ok, you might as well think the same thing with rapelay instead of defending it being a virtual experience.

i think we can all agree we're all pretty much sick fuks. yes, ultimately going on those 6-star killing sprees in GTA is bad, and i really can't defend a game like GTA except that it's fun and it doesn't hurt anyone. you really can't say that killing innocent people is good, but it's not as bad to say that you did it in a harmless video game. i mean come on, you guys got to admit the god of war's series level of violence is pretty demented. i guess being so desynthesized throughout the years from the media has made us numb to extreme violence and forms of sex.

with that being said, to all you people who don't think rapelay is bad because it's a video game, then i'm more than hundred percent sure that you same people wouldn't think a child rape simulator isn't any worse. am i right?

cyberwaffles3268d ago

"In Rapelay, you hunt down a mother and her CHILDREN and rape them. There is a line that is crossed when you add children to the mix IMO"

see, now you're being a hypocrite. you're basically saying that you condone simulated rape to certain degrees. if that's the case, how are you to say adding children in the mix is worse? rape is rape. there is a victim that is forced to do things against their will, and the aggressor is always the bad guy no matter what.

how can you justify raping? do you justify it along as it's a woman and not a kid? that's just straight up hypocrisy.

stephen20053268d ago


No, I'm in no way defending Rapelay, I've been heavily against it since I first heard it.

I'm just saying the fact that people are playing a character that rapes little children is ridiculous. Rape of a child or an adult are both horrible acts, but when something like that happens to a child, it tends aback slightly more.

cyberwaffles3268d ago

oh ok stephen. my bad, i didn't get the jest of everything you were saying at first. my apologies. i understand now what you're saying.

UnwanteDreamz3268d ago

I understand how this subject is sensitive but anyone who calls for a ban to this game is hurting their own freedom. I understand some of you are young and you don't know that there are people just as passionate as you who believe things are wrong and should be censored or banned.

What you are to ignorant to see is that their are many who think what you do in video games is morally wrong. What happens when they get their ban on this game? Does rape stop? Do people stop getting hurt by the evils of this world? No what happens is the ones who want to sensor take their axe and they grind it on the next social issue. Then before you know it you can't buy a violent videogame in the US.

You people need to read and educate yourself. Some of what is now considered great literary work was at one time railed against and destroyed because people wanted to force their morallity down our throats. You may be able to draw a line but they will not. They will take your right to watch a violent film or play a violent video game and you will help them do it.

I think the world would be a better place without Raplay in it, but their are many who firmly believ it would be better without shooters like Halo and Killzone as well. Don't help them get what they want. Censorship is like a virus. It will not be happy in one area. It has to spread untill it touches everything.

Mario3268d ago

No YOU need to re-educate yourself. This isn't about banning or censorship, this is about protecting human rights. There's a big difference between killing in a warzone and raping for fun. One is justifiable, the other is evil. If we're going to take this 'free for all attitude' then by all means defend a child pornography game if ever one is released. Because you're reasoning would apply to that as well. This isn't merely reading about rape or watching it. This is acting out rape. Acting out rape. ACTING out RAPE. Wake the fuk up you twisted person

Pebz3268d ago

"An evil exists that threatens every man, woman, and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland."

For those not familiar with that quote, consider if you agree with it, then look up who said it and what followed.

Saying that someone who is against censorship is for rape, is like saying that someone who is against the all the recent wars is for terrorism. In esseance, saying that if you don't accept my solution for whatever evil, you are condoning that evil.

Now, some might say that cenorship of a game can't be compared with wars and whatnot, but all things start with little steps. If someone was to suddenly say: "From now on, we can freely censor anything not socially accepted", that would get a rather unpleasant reaction from the public I think.

Have a look at China, Australia and Canada if you want to see where censorship leads.

Mario3268d ago

It dumbfounds me how people try to intelligently defend why we should be able to practice rape.

The main issue i think everyone's digging at is that nothing should be censored. Ok then. If you guys are right then just like GTA, children in the future will somehow get their hands on games like rapelay and play them. You guys say, "if you ban this then were does it end?". Have you ever thought if you allow this, where will it end? If this is allowed, then no doubt we'll soon see a child pornography game. And with your reasoning, you would have to defend that as well. I don't know what kind of future your fighting for, but i don't like it. It's like your mindlessly going, 'freedom! freedom! freedom' without realising your subjecting tomorrows children to FUKING RAPE SIMULATORS

Pebz3267d ago

Can we pretend for a second that there is some responsibility involved? If people buy for or sell to children such games, the fault lies elsewhere than the existence of said games.

Rape and child pornography games are easy to take a stand against, but I can guarantee you that it will not be your moral high ground that decides what else people are not fit to see.

"Think of the children" is getting so old when it is constantly used to take away their freedom, and they don't even have a say in it. The current generations have to deal with the previous generation's decisions, that are often made rashly, blinded by fear.

It should be simply really, do what you like, and let others do what they like, so long as those actions are not imposed on others. Unlike real rape and child pornography, the games are not imposed on others.

So yes, "freedom! freedom! freedom". It is obvious that the very word "freedom" has been badly degenerated, because it is merely used as an after taught, the responsibility for officials and such to provide, when it is actually a foundation of everything people value in this world.

UnwanteDreamz3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

You are obviously a child to react in such an emotional way that or you are the victim of a sexual crime. If you have been hurt then I am sorry, but I think you are just young and full of purpose,

The reason I think you are a child is that you are incapable of having an intelligent conversation about the subject. Someone offers a differing opinion and because you don't agree with it they are a twisted person. You offer nothing to the debate but "strawman arguements" I would tell you what that means but since you are better than me I'll let you figure it out.

Personally I think you are in need of counseling. The way you rationalize one crime as being worse than the other shows you are the one with morallity issues. You see no problem with barging into someone elses back yard and killing people but a rape game is the evilest thing to you. You are worried about children huh? How about the hundreds of thousands of children who are displaced or worse killed in war? They don't rate on your morallity meter? Sure games don't depict the killing of children but they do glorify war and you have no problem with that at all it seems.
You seem like the kind of person who would trample all over the right of another for your cause. No one is being forced to play these games!

I wish they had never made that rape game, even though it was not the first and wont be the last. I wont keep speaking about the evils of censorship because you lack the intelligence to understand, obviously.

To those who can understand, if you don't play rape games you are already doing the right thing, Some would have you believe that you need to jump on the burning band wagon to disapprove but that is not the case. You can detest these games without setting a precedent that could hurt us all. The children of this world are no safer in a world without Raplay. Mario if you cared about kids you would be fighting against something that actually hurts them right now. I can think of countless things considered acceptable by people like you that are really harming children and families.

Mario3267d ago

You're putting words into my mouth. I don't agree with war, i don't agree with murder. But if a soldier kills another soldier, thats their choice. If someone rapes someone for entertainment, thats not justifiable in any form. Frankly im baffled by you all. I think your twisted in the head. You said i need counciling, yet im the one trying to stop people re-inacting rape, you mental. As far as letting everyone do whatever they want....your mental. Im guessing you wouldn't discipline your kids?

Im actually sick of discussing this with you, because your point is so messed up. Lets say you win. Let's not censor a thing. I hope one day you find your kid playing rapelay.

You know what, i've said everything i've had to say. I was absolutely shocked to see some people defending a rape simulation. I think your messed up in the head frankly. I'll just wait for your response when childlay comes out. Fortunately, most people have morals and feel how i do, which is why it was taken off amazon. You on the other hand, i pity. You're so twisted in the head, you don't even realise how disgusting you are

NaiNaiNai3267d ago (Edited 3267d ago )

If someone kills someone thats there own choice, If someone rapes someone for one thats not right. O.o

wait wait compaired 2 different things. let do it this way

If someone kills someone in a game no one gets hurt...If someone rapes someone in a game, theres no one hurt. THATS can't support one without the other. what is so bad about a rape game. no one gets hurt, no ones going to get anymore ideas then if you play CoD....In the end Im starting to agree with the others, you have to be less the 17...

BTW if you support killing in games, but not rape. Your closed off from the world. you can't nit-pick your way threw life like that. Its gona eat you up with feelings your going to get from other people.

and your just as sick as everyone here...your playing games were you kill people....alot of people here in the US have lost family members in war, and you treat it just like a game in all cases....Soldiers don't have a choice in killing someone...its life or death, you don't choose. its life everytime....another reason I know your to young to understand the situation at hand.

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lokiroo4203268d ago

I see Milo is creating quite the buzz around the interwebz.

silverchode3268d ago

rapelay coming to the 360

Obama3268d ago

The same bots who are criticizing the game are defending Milo. ;D

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