Mothership Zeta is the Worst Fallout 3 Add-On So Far

From the feature article:

"It's time for the fifth release of downloadable content for Fallout 3. Mothership Zeta is reportedly the final DLC pack for the popular title and takes players through a journey that is literally out of this world. This journey involves aliens, space and the whole sci-fiction shebang. So the question remains, has Bethesda delivered an epic quest worthy of returning to the world of Fallout 3? Or does it fizzle out faster than soda pop? In comparison to the previous Fallout 3 add-ons, Mothership Zeta is among the shorter of the bunch."

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UltimaEnder2993d ago

I have to agree that while Mothership Zeta is easily the least of my favorite add-ons for Fallout 3 I still have to commend Bethesda for continuing to support such a fantastic game.....

njr2992d ago

I thought Operation Anchorage wasn't better than this one, however Point Lookout was the best one they made.

labaronx2993d ago

My favorite one has to be point lookout!!! gotta love freaks...

Valkyrie832993d ago

As far as we know it is the last one, PS3 owners should be getting it sometime later this year; I agree that PL was the best DLC and MZ is on the lower end of the scale; either way it's a ton of good content for one of the best games released this generation!

Gamer_Politics2993d ago

i'm still waiting for the GOTY edition

Yi-Long2993d ago

... downloaded the game for PC to try it out, cause I wasn't sure I'd like it.

Really liked it, so as soon as I'd realise that I was gonna buy the game, I stopped playing and decided I'll wait for a GOTY edition.

ASSASSYN 36o2993d ago

Yeagh it is kind of lame. And the weapons don't justify the purchase. They could have added a new grenade or something.

Eiffel2993d ago

I strongly disagree. Mothership Zeta is the only unique one of all five. Hardly any material is recycled like all the others. I enjoyed it very much. Worst in my opinion is the Pitt. That one sucked so much.

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