Better New Assassin's Creed Gallery

Remember those teal Assassin's Creed screens yesterday from CVG? Looks like their may have been something wrong with them. Not only are they not as teal, but they look better when Ubisoft sent the fresh batch, minus the squishing.

Here's the explanation:

"The screen shot that appeared online (yesaterday), unfortunately, were distorted post-Ubisoft distribution and are not an accurate representation of the game Assassin's Creed.

In addition, these screen shots appeared in print magazines in August of 2006 and the game has improved graphically since these screen grabs were taken. We hope this clears up any misperception this may have caused in regard to the quality of Assassin's Creed.

The artists and the entire development team have poured countless hours into creating an unbelievable world which we look forward to unveiling in the near future."

So there you go, don't freak too much.

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tethered4246d ago

I agree! Looks great. Thanks for the link!

id dot entity4246d ago

That are some great screenshots! Looking a lot better than those of yesterday.