Microsoft Exploring "Digital Item" Achievement Rewards

A new patent application filed in the USA details a system which awards players virtual items if they can complete developer set challenges. To date recognition for achievements in Xbox 360 titles has been limited to gamer profiles and are "not transferable to another experience." This excerpt from the patent explains what digital reward items might do.

The digital item may, for example, unlock a level in another game or provide access to certain advanced or desirable equipment, weapons, or the like. In another embodiment, the digital item may be an article of clothing (e.g., a football jersey for Madden NFL, a basketball jersey for NBA Live, armor, a helmet, etc.). In order to enhance the display of the digital item, an avatar and/or digital closet may be provided within the user identification which is able to wear the digital item.

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Megaton3150d ago (Edited 3150d ago )

So... it's like how you unlock T-shirts in Home if you do certain things in Street Fighter IV?

sarshelyam3150d ago

...couple with the fact that Wolfenstein 3D (PSN/XBL) features a reward system that unlocks money and items in the NEW Wolfenstein once certain objectives are met.

Not new...

Elven63150d ago

Technically a system like this exists, in Jetpac: Refuelled for instance, you get a gamer picture of reaching a certain achievement level. This new system will just apply that to avatar items from what I can see.

KionicWarlord2223150d ago


So it`s like how in pacman championship edition when you get a gamerpic ?

ps3d03150d ago

its nothing all that new Mass Effect had unlockable gamepic, Gear 2 when had in game items you got from doing stuff in gears 1

Pain3150d ago

..still looking for the bloody jems..for my treasure chest.. oh and Wesker statute.. i cant beat vet...... .. . ..

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dirthurts3150d ago

Instead of getting things for achievements,
you get achievements for getting things?
Same concept, but makes for sense.
I would have to have ridiculous achievements in a game tied to really nice items.
Currently, I don't care about achievements. Couldn't care less.
But tying items to them would annoy me.
If they do it logically it would be ok. Like beat the game, get a cool shirt or something.
but not kill 100,000 people in a game to get it.