What Defines the PS3 As Winning The Holiday Season?

Default Prime talks about the holiday season, as well as trying to figure out what defines the PS3 as winning this season, and poses the same question to readers.

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Natsu X FairyTail3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

bayonetta is not exclusive for ps3 its multiplatform
dead rising 2 is not exclusive to x360 its multiplatform
modern warfare 2 is clearly a multiplatform

Final fantasy Versus XIII is clearly not a 2009 title.I even doubt 2010

he names GT5 for ps3 this holiday but not Forza 3 for the x360 this holiday

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a timed exclusive? when as this been announced? lawlz

fail of an article.

Halo ODST is enough to make ps3 games sales look irrelevant and Im not saying this in a bad way . Halo ODST might even sell faster than Gears of war 2 and thats 3million in 4weeks type of sales.

T.I tone : what you know about that?

cranium3183d ago

These guys are clueless. Bayonetta isn't even releasing in 09 XD

chaosatom3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Winning the holiday means selling more units than competitors.

Launching Halo ODST for the holiday season doesn't mean that it will make more people buy the 360.

chaosatom3183d ago (Edited 3183d ago )

Price cut, games (exclusive and multiplatform), and just having a ps3 brand name on. :)

Xi3183d ago

Clearly the article is written to garner hits as there are a bunch of errors and odd greivences.

no odst, probably the second biggest FPS release this year after cod MW2.
gt5 still isn't confirmed to be released this year(speculation from retailers isn't confirmation).
no ratchet and clank.
no magna carta 2...
bayonetta is 2010.

the article also doesn't mention anything about the release of motion controls and whether they might play a role.

Then the article doesn't even answer the question.

joke article.

keysy4203183d ago

they need to sell 1 million systems. that is realistic and would be a definte win for sony

Shnazzyone3183d ago

it is the number 1 system in hardware and software. It's not rocket science. Of course determining a "winner" in anything sales related is still a jerkoff thing to do. I think there are failures and successes Sony doesn't want a failure year... I personally would like to see them make some money already. They haven't been able to do that since the launch of the system.

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