Should We Expect a Slim 360?

Don of writes:

"With the latest news of the 360 Pro being discontinued along with the Arcade and Elite console's likely dropping in price to $149 and $299, would Microsoft think about slimming the 360?

Here's how it looks right now, the Wii has a console the size of a GPX DVD player and the PS3 will be slimming down to about half the size of an XBOX 360. The 360 isn't as big as the PS3 currently is, but will look like a mammoth compared to the Slim PS3 and the Wii."

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Master-Baiter3239d ago

Cos Microsoft are American
And American's think Bigger is Better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

inbfour3239d ago

Tune down the nationalism a little. Ok?


But I don't think it will happen anyway. Microsoft is already doing well with what they have now. I don't see a point in making a slim.

Master-Baiter3239d ago

Bigger IS Better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Already Know3239d ago

relax guy, I'm pretty sure he was joking...

gaffyh3239d ago

Dude used my Xbox 360 concept render lol. Anyway, I don't really think MS needs a slim, or even if they are working on a slim. They still have RROD problems (granted it's a lot less), but they need to completely eliminate it to be honest.

You Already Know3239d ago

exactly, but I think less parts = less heat and would bring the failure rate down to the PS3 level....

cmrbe3239d ago

really cares.

I guess MS sites have to try to get attention back to the x360 with the current PS3 slim and price cut rumors.

You Already Know3239d ago

you should really double check the site you are talking about...

they don't have enough 360 talk...and this coming from a PS3 only gamer..

PandemicPrawn03239d ago

There was talk of a valhalla chipset to come out after jasper.

Any news on that?

lloyd_sr13239d ago

Lol. Exactly. There has been nothing close to backed up speculation about a 360 slim because there is no 360 slim. Microsoft should just be content with their current failure rates, and not try and make it worse by taking out parts. Sony is just too good at building hardware and refining.

You Already Know3239d ago

they don't need to take parts out, they could just make them smaller....

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