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FunAndGun3269d ago

Nice, two demos I will be checkin out.

Any annual subscribers to last years Qore - was it worth it?

interrergator3269d ago

that batman demo is awesome and now its a day one purchase :)

The Hunter3269d ago

Yeah i must still check it out, but if it is cool, i buy it :D

cranium3269d ago

The Batman demo was a lot more fun than I expected. I'd buy it, except I'm saving up for the holidays.

Lifendz3269d ago

It's going to take a lot for it to be more than a Gamefly game. Can't wait.

butterfinger3269d ago

the same Batman demo that they have at GameStop?

ActionBastard3269d ago

BF: If the GameStop demo was a room where you just dropped ass whippin after ass whippin, then yeah, it's the GameStop demo :)

Chubear3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

Got back home, checked out the PSN store, saw Savage Moon DLC for $4.99, squealed like a little school girl for 10secs straight, now waiting for DL. :)

@ OP, yes, well worth it to me. Will be re-newing soon hopefully.

A bit upset there's no PJM DLC and PJshooter's not out yet but... SAVAGE MOON DLC!!! *squeals*

butterfinger3269d ago

it's not the GameStop demo, it's actually better. I just got through with it, and I'm pretty excited for August 25, now. :)

Tony999Montana3269d ago

Just out of curiosity, I'm D/Ling the batman demo now; does it cover the stealth aspects of the game or does it consist of a lot of beat em up action? The stealth areas look far more appealing to me. That and the immersion of the world, which looks to rival games like bioshock.

LtSkittles3269d ago

It's got both stealth, and action, but it's more stealth.

JL3269d ago

Downloading the Batman demo right now. Just reading some of the comments here is getting me even more excited for the game. I'm impatiently fidgeting as I wait for the download lol. I have high hopes for this game, and it's seeming that it may very well live up to them.

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chrisnick3269d ago (Edited 3269d ago )

someone plz answer the qore question!!!!!!!!

oh and is it just me or are the downloads for the psn faster now? usually i only get like 1mb a second but now im getting like 3

batman2million3269d ago



N4GAddict3269d ago

Can't wait to see how it plays.

IzKyD13313269d ago

DLing the Batman demo.....for a 1GB file, it better be worth it

ZombieNinjaPanda3269d ago

Batman is really fun. Having no money sucks though.

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The story is too old to be commented.