TGN: Velvet Assassin Review

Bawdyjane of TGN writes: "I don't know where to begin with Velvet Assassin. Delivering this review for Total Gaming Network has been an epic failure of timeliness on my part, mainly due to how painful it was to complete this game.

"The basic premise sounded so good: Set in World War II, players take on the role of Violette Summer, (based loosely on the British secret agent, Violette Szabo) an assassin and spy; she is tasked with bringing down the Third Reich by infiltrating enemy lines and eliminating enemy forces. Ultimately, what sounded like such a promising game on paper, fails on execution. If you're a big fan of stealth-based games and sexy protagonists then there are some redeeming qualities that will make Velvet Assassin worthwhile for you; otherwise save your money."

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