Dell To Offer Ubuntu Pre-Installed PCs

Dell has finally seen the light, within weeks, they are going to start distributing Ubuntu pre-installed with their Dell systems besides Windows, that means, cheaper PCs for gaming people.

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Satanas4247d ago

Finally, Linux much more easily accessible to the average consumer.

Inasid4247d ago

I can't imagine computers dropping in price even further. I remembered 10 years ago, everything was at least a grand and now you can find a decent Dell for a couple hundred.

warfed4247d ago

yeah i still have my pentium 2 400Mhz 198Mb ram (upgraded) that I paid 2 grand for...

Karebear4247d ago

I'm glad Linux will see some mainstream use. I'm even glad its Ubuntu as it appears to be the "easiest" distro for beginners. Maybe this will lead to distros that are in my opinion better like Fedora or even Gentoo. I am an avid supporter and contributer to Fedora but I would never recommend a first time user of Linux to go straight to it for several reasons.

gta_cb4247d ago

linux is very cool, i especially like the way you have a LIVE CD :D

bamdad4247d ago

i like Dell, they're logical & M$, can you hear a voice comin from the deep? get ready!!