Worst Things a Gamer Can Say to their Girlfriend

Unless you're one of those few lucky men with a girlfriend that shares your passion for gaming, you'll no doubt appreciate that spending hours sat in front of the TV playing with pretend wizards and space marines can be the cause of many domestic disputes.

It may not trigger a 'bastard-you-slept-with-my-best-friend' sized tsunami of relationship-ending heartbreak, but gaming can undoubtedly cause its fair share of problems. To help keep things harmonious at the homestead, GamesRadar has compiled a list of the worst possible things a gamer can say to their girlfriend. If you want to keep things sweet between you and your loved one, avoid uttering any of these.

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JOLLY13213d ago

Having Recon is the best part of my life right now....

GameGambits3213d ago

#1) I'm gay.

Obviously the worst thing you could say to your girlfriend.

Wizeguy213213d ago

All I'm gonna say is
Girls > Games

BlackTar1873213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

girls who Play games>girls>games

Luckly my wife plays socom and she puts up with my Shiat so im lucky for now : )

The Matrix3213d ago

"Stop touching me you made me *(#@ing die."

DreamcastFanboy3213d ago

"I have aids" Is the worst thing.

JOLLY13213d ago

Matrix, that was hilarious!

Kushan3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

"#1) I'm gay.

Obviously the worst thing you could say to your girlfriend."

What if you're also a girl?

Bob Dole3213d ago

Bob Dole's ex used to play Soul Caliber 4 pretty decently. It's funny to see how mad they get when they get so close to beating you just to be completely dominated like a small kitten in a blender.

Mo0eY3213d ago

Worst thing you can say to your girlfriend:

"You know two weeks ago when we had sex?"


"My condom broke..."

"[email protected])#(!(@#([email protected]#@!"

*9 months later*

Poopface the 2nd3213d ago

"hey girl do you wanna play the new rape game I just picked up. Theres even a girl who looks like you in here. If your good Ill let you play that part so you can rape yourself."

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ThatCanadianGuy3213d ago

That's a deal breaker right there.

-MD-3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

"Babe I wasted $500+ on a PS3"


"I don't... know..."

"So no vacation?"

"...Huh? Sorry what? I was installing a game"

"We're through"


ThatCanadianGuy3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

""Babe I wasted $500+ on a PS3"


"I don't... know..."

"So no vacation?"

"...Huh? Sorry what? I was installing Uncharted"

"We're through"


Except Uncharted 1&2 have no install...

Achievement unlocked 20GP
You failed at trolling

-MD-3213d ago

Huh? What on earth are you talking about? Why did you edit my quote? How rude.

swiftshot933213d ago

lol! Murderdolls failed twice in a row! KZ2 doesnt have an install buddy. You fail at trolling.

-MD-3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

What are you guys talking about?

I'm the greatest troll that ever lived. I'm getting ready for a concert so I'm not entirely focused tonight ;)

Santa Kutaragi3213d ago

Know thy enemy. Don't you read Sun Tzu?

Illiterate Xbot.

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zack613213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

"i only have a ps3" girl says "what? i'm breaking up with you" noooooooooo

ThatCanadianGuy3213d ago

Hey, Make up your own jokes here buddy !

zack613213d ago

hey how many accounts do you have ??

zack613213d ago

i don't believe that but whatever man

ThatCanadianGuy3213d ago

K.Here's a cookie

*Tosses cookie on the floor*
Go get it boy!

zack613213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

i'm not a dog you [email protected] and i also have a life unlike you and your multiple troll accounts seriously get a life dude

ThatCanadianGuy3213d ago

lol what accounts? Seriously? Take whatever fake accounts you can think of, present them politely to an admin and have the IP's checked.

You 360 fanboys are beyond delusional.I'm serious man, those flashing red lights must warp your minds.

NegativeCreep4273213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

"i'm not a dog"

I wouldn't doubt you. Dogs typically show a higher form of intelligence and are more pleasant to be around than you.

You say ThatCanadianguy has no life, yet here you are getting your Huggies in a knot trying to prove him wrong on having multiple accounts. LOL! Kids are stupid, thats why they're kids.

Edit @ 2.10

I can say whatever the F I want to say. You're a little nagging b*tch. Just accept it. Don't come on with all your 5th grade schoolyard responses. You bursting some pimples in frustration over trying to find out how many accounts ThatCanadianguy makes you look akin to his wife. Little greedy b*tch wants all the accounts for herself!

Obama3213d ago

I also have 1 account here. Bunch of delusional bots think we are all Naism.

zack613213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

what are you his wife seriously go away you creep
@creepttheidiot you really are his wife look at your little b*tch ass defending your man LOL seriously no wonder you call yourself a creep

Jerk1203213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

Can you BLAME us for thinking you're all Nasim?

You Ps3 users have got pretty much the exact same intelligence level as well as F grade English capabilities.

An example being..

Nasim : hei mehn ps3 is da bes!11 daown wit flopboux3!1

Ps3 user : hei mehn ps3 is da bes!11 daown wit flopboux3!1

Ps3 da best and flopbox? Like calm down with that vocabulary there, butch, you're gonna kill someone.

As you can see, you're all identical clones of Nasim, which explains why you're all pretty darn stupid.

Which also explains why you bought a Ps3 when the Xbox360 is OBVIOUSLY better.

saimcheeda3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

yeah this one guy was arguing with me then when i owned him he said "doesnt matter ur nasim and u have 500 alt accounts"!!...then when i showed him my facebook profile he said "hahaha nasim u have alt accounts everywhere!" about damage control....and i dont even know who this nasim guy is!

@zack61....u have a zack avatar and name but u do realize zack has been only on ps consoles!!ur a big fail!

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BlackTar1873213d ago

But Im not gonna say 100% of the time: )

Hellsvacancy3213d ago

"Sweetheart ill b in in a mo - let me finish this level"

Polluted3213d ago

The older I get the less I agree with your statement. Imo, the best thing a woman has ever done for me is buy me a video game. The rest can be simulated with a bottle of hand cream and about 99% less hassle.


*shakes head*

Bubble Buddy3213d ago


joking but i thought that was funny :)

BlackTar1873213d ago

I always say next save point or 20 mins or I cant yet im in the middle of MP and there is no Pause

Sarcasm3213d ago

"You have problems if you put a game before a girl "

1) You don't have a girlfriend, otherwise you wouldn't be saying that.

2) Your a female yourself, and don't understand

Seriously. This is not about all girls, but a majority of them only think about shopping, cell phones, and shoes.

So if you put a game before a girl, then you're normal to not want to hear about "how marisol cheated on her boyfriend" over and over again.

Boody-Bandit3213d ago (Edited 3213d ago )

I guess that depends on the woman you're with because the older I get the more I want.... well you know.

Besides my woman purchases almost all of my games for me. She passes by several retail locations on the way home from work. The only games I pick up are big releases I don't want to wait for.

The ironic thing is the first gift my woman ever purchased for me was a gaming console so she can't b1tch about my gaming habits.

sak5003213d ago

That's why i've put a 32" HD tv in bedroom with the older pc so the GF can play her facebook games. But she's pretty understanding when i'm playing any of the online games and being aggressive and cursing.

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