Competitors say MW2 will be successful

Even the competitor now says that Modern Warfare 2 will be a great success. Ashley Cheng, the production director of Bethesda Game Studios (a pretty big video game developer and publisher) admitted on his blog that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 would blow away its competition.

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lociefer2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

no doubt about that, if only activision CEO can be less of a d1ck

neonlight452939d ago

yes that dude should cool down

Arthur_2938d ago

well no sh!t, sherlock.

Raf1k12938d ago

It will be a success no doubt but I'm hoping their sales figures end up being much less than predicted.

badz1492938d ago (Edited 2938d ago )

it's obvious because there seems a lot of people are willing to buy anything CoD and ride on kotick's d!ck even with the price hike! MW is exactly CoD4 with new campaigns, people! they didn't even try to improve their engine thus the game only runs 600p! to trade for 60fps my a$$! they are just LAZY!

Mozilla892938d ago

"Moon claims Sun will rise tomorrow!"

TheAntiFanboy2938d ago

Bethesda can admit to that because they develop a different genre of games, obviously.

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mxdan2939d ago

Thank you captain obvious, I'll sleep better knowing this.

yoghurt2939d ago

I think COD now has the same fortunate fate as Halo, It doesn't matter tooo much about what they do in the next release, more of the same, IT WILL sell.

Which you know isn't a bad thing, I liked cod4 and will like cod5, i'm just not as hyped about it as most. I actually think I prefer BF:BC, love the larger maps and destructible environments, and vehicles

Xistan2939d ago

"I actually think I prefer BF:BC, love the larger maps and destructible environments, and vehicles"

This sir here knows his games :)

xztence2939d ago

imo I'd rather have Bad Company 2
MW 2 is way overrated.

El Botto2938d ago

Still though, there are plenty of things that are wrong.

In WaW for example, the only real fun maps are "Asylum, Dome, Cliff, Courtyard and substation". The others are real drags to play at. So I usually leave the game when the map is not to my liking. There is a glitch in the game when you do that. Everytime you try to enter a new game, you go back to the same shiat online match, the one you just left. And it takes 4-7 tries before you enter a new online game.

Its pretty annoying. Its funny how the turds were so focussed at trying to beat Infinity ward when they could have fix this issue easily.

Also, I dont like how there are now three mappacks. I only bought the first mappack and now when I join a game, it shows maps that I dont have. So everytime I enter a game with a map I dont have, I will have to leave or get kicked out eventually. Its annoying as hell. These are pretty simple things to fix, but none of the goons will fix it.

10 bucks says Modern warfare 2 will have the same issue. The motherfkers at Infinity ward just recycle the same engine over and over. The real issues need fixing! There is barely support for this game. This is evident in the fact that both MW and WaW are hacked long ago and they arent doing anything about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.

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