The Reticule: Democracy 2 Review

The Reticule writes: "Eying up the sleek gun barrel pointed at him by a flak-vest wearing, flag wielding patriot assassin, Prime Minister Greg Wild couldn't help but reflect on his years in office. He'd turned the militaristic constitutional monarchy of Mexilando into a techno-liberal utopia; rich in technology with a massive space program and prosperous with a financial reserve of £200bn without the expense of the environment, it seemed that for all this prosperity, he couldn't keep everyone happy. Those damned patriots. Repeated assassination attempts in response to his almost complete dissolution of the Mexilandon armed force to a token ceremonial guard finally paid off, and the staunch patriots broke through into his offices. Time to face the music: You can't keep everyone happy. Even if personal jet-packs are literally months away."

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