The Reticule: ArmA II Review

The Reticule writes: "I never was into Football. For me, time well spent out with the mates was with some kind of vaguely military themed escapade out in the woods or around the local estates which we called Manhunt. Two teams; one vastly numerically inferior, perhaps with just one man as the "target", and the others tracking him down by any means necessary. Short of trampling local flowerbeds, if possible. I think this is why I'm so at home with ArmA II. It begins much as Operation Flashpoint and ArmA did; taking orders, hiding in a bush, and dying a lot until you get to grips with the now customarily obtuse controls. 5 fairly short chapters in however, and ArmA II turns that formula on its head. You're given a target, a sizable chunk of America's military budget at your disposal and some leads to follow. It's virtual manhunt in the middle of a war zone."

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