SMG'S Best 50 Videogame Cosplay

Subatomic Mutant Gamers is proud to scour the interwebs so you don't have too! Long hours spent pouring through seedy Japanese sites, internet forums, creepy mouth breather blogs, professional model sites, videogame galleries, nerd fantasy sites and the coolest corners of the net have all led to our first gallery.

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Homicide3092d ago

Those were some awesome cosplay. I liked Auron, Vincent, The Boss (very awesome) and the Helghasts cosplay.

Gantrfaxx3091d ago

Sephiroth is pretty good.

JOLLY13092d ago

That Master Chief one was pretty sweet.

Panthers3091d ago

Ummmm wow some of those dont look real. I mean the Sephiroth looks digital it is so on point.

big shadow3091d ago

pikachu never looked so hot

level 3603091d ago

That guy with the PaRappa the Rapper suit hah ha ha... oh and those Silent Hill cosplayers awesome every one!
All were very good.

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