Lawsuit over 'Brutal Legend' video game settled

Attorneys for gaming giant Activision notified a court Wednesday that they reached a settlement over the release of "Brutal Legend," a video game starring Jack Black.

Activision had sued San Francisco-based developer Double Fine Productions to try to stop the October release of "Brutal Legend" by rival Electronic Arts. Activision claimed it still owned the rights to the game and that Double Fine failed to deliver it on time.

Double Fine countersued, claiming Activision terminated its agreement to release the heavy-metal inspired game after a failed attempt to make it part of the company's lucrative "Guitar Hero" franchise. Double Fine claimed Activision then moved to stop the release of "Brutal Legend" to try to protect "Guitar Hero."

"Brutal Legend" features Black as band roadie transported to a mythical ancient world to fight evil.

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Rockox3269d ago

As long as the game comes out, this makes me a happy camper. Hopefully Double Fine didn't have to pony up too much cash to Activision.

gamesR4fun3269d ago

"Superior Court Judge Craig Karlan told attorneys last week that he was inclined to deny Activision's request and allow the game to be released on time."

This was just the usual Activision douchbagery Now its up to us to send em a message as gamers i say we all boycott them til they smarten up.