Should Xbox Live Really Have A Monthly Fee?

Back in those days, Microsoft had a very good reason why they charged for Xbox Live, as it was clearly better than PSN. But now, as the PSN has matured, it has grown closer and closer to Xbox Live quality but managed to stay a free service in spite of its constant upgrades. In fact, it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish which is the better service.

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KionicWarlord2223121d ago

It`s not bothersome...

But that doesn't answer the question .

Bnet3433121d ago

It's funny how we have these once every few months. Here's what I'll say before this gets approved and people go wild. Xbox Live is a great online service for the Xbox 360. It's the Xbox 360's strong point without a doubt. People see it as, hey this service is great, I don't mind paying for it, it's good. As far as Microsoft's rationale, they say it keeps the service up and running and constant new updates that make the service better. In many ways, it has paved the way for online gaming on consoles. Were it not for Microsoft's aggresive online push, we wouldn't have PSN. Think about that for a minute. For all of those who love PSN, it's Microsoft who made Sony get off their butts and work on it's own online service. It's a matter of time before Nintendo gets serious about it. Asking if Xbox Live should be free is the same as, asking should we pay for taxes or should we pay for extra TV channels. It can go both ways.

KionicWarlord2223121d ago

Well i do like how xbox live keeps getting better, But i just feel they will run out of ideas after awhile .

I said same thing last year..


Rockox3121d ago

Kionic said it best: "It's not bothersome."

I just renewed my Xbox Live account yesterday. No big whoop.

chrisnick3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

if its for something that's "premium" then why the hell not? as long as it does what it does and then some (compared to others) then of course ppl would buy it...but im sure if ppl decided not to pay for it in the masses then they would either drop that price heavily or eliminate the fee altogether.

KingME3121d ago

It's really not that big of a deal. Not to mention, Amazon has sells on 12 month live cards all the time. I've see it as low as 34.00.

Beside, I've been a live member for many years now. I'm fine with it. Most of the people writing and crying about it, don't even have an xbox.

HDgamer3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

No dedicated servers for halo 3 and gears isn't that good.

green3121d ago

Renewed mine 3 weeks ago and it did not bother me at all.Really like the service.

ShabzS3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

its actualy just a nuisance... i dont know maybe i'm too lazy ... its definitely not expensive or anything its just something that's there and has to be dealt with ...

but after those 4 mins of purchase and redeem you dont have to look back for a whole year .... speaking of which i think mine will expire this week

but one thing is for sure if you're not signed into xbl weather it be as silver or gold doesnt matter .... the 360's interface just becomes lifeless...

AngelorD3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Let me just remind you that the Xbox EXISTS to destroy the Playstation. It was made to get Sony out of the living room.
And it's clear that with no proper competition not the PS3 nor the 360 would have been what they are.
@topic: Hell no. I would never ever pay a fee for an online gaming service.

LiquifiedArt3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

No. It should be free. Unless your paying for DEDICATED SERVERS in all the games.. Paying for an interface and server space for your friends list, is hardly worth it.

Doctor_Doom3121d ago

A) Buy Two blu-ray Movies
B) Renew gold membership

Some people will choose (A) the others will choose (B).

Life Goes On :)

joydestroy3121d ago

i don't think there should be a monthly fee. i just canceled my renewal for gold, though so it's whatever.

SaberEdge3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Xbox Live is just too good to pass up, fee or no fee.

All-33121d ago

Should PSN Qore Really Have a Monthly Fee?

ThatCanadianGuy3121d ago

QORE is completely optional and not required at all to play online.

Lifendz3121d ago

If I could play games online for free on Xbox I'd own a 360 by now. Too many games coming to pay to play online. If MS continues to charge for it's online service then the original xbox may be the last MS console I ever buy.

Jaces3121d ago

What is it exactly that members on LIVE are paying for that's different from PSN.

No fanboyism please, just a straight answer that justifies your purchase.

FamilyGuy3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

"Should PSN really be free?"

That question makes more sense to me as I'm constantly surprised at all the things i get for free simply because i own and ps3 and have an internet connection. The E3 coverage was just the cherry on top. We got HD vids of TONS of games shown at E3 and the ENTIRE Sony press conference also in HD all for FREE (think of sonys bandwidth charges). 360 owners pay for their service yet only got a few free pics/themes and im not sure about videos.

Live could be free but M$ decided to charge for it and their users are fine with it so WHO CARES?

BTW, when saying where would PSN be if not for Live don't forget that the Dreamcast started this on consoles and Sony went after it even then but simply didn't push as hard as M$ (software company) at achieving and surpassing what they saw. Sony released their system later because they wanted ethernet/Lan ports/modem for a faster internet service than what the dreamcast released with (phone jack/dial-up).

Sony was going to have an online service in the PS3 even if the xbox never existed.

KionicWarlord2223121d ago

I believe xbox 360 had the conference on xbox live as well .

Pistolero3121d ago

They did...there was tons of free coverage of E3 on the 360...even if you don't have a gold membership...I guess you wouldn't know that unless you owned the console.

Jaces3121d ago

Wow, 3 disagrees for a simple question.

What's the matter? Disagree phantoms can't come up with one good reason?

CWMR3121d ago

-We have been over it a thousand times already. If you don't know by now what the differences are then you are simply being willfully oblivious to it. There are several posts in this article that list a few of the differences. It's a matter of having a whole bunch of features that individually might only be 3 or 4% better, but together add up to a much smoother, feature packed and enjoyable experience.

Everybody talks about the party system and the cross game voicechat only because those are some of the bigger features the 360 has that the PS3 lacks, but there are a whole slew of lesser features that arguably add up to make even a bigger impact on the overall experience.-

NegativeCreepWA3121d ago

Jaces, its pointless to explain it because people don't want to here why, they just to have something to complain about. I'll give it try though.

What it comes down to is that your paying for the match making servers that connect you to games on Live this includes nearly every game that has ever came out on the XBox and the 360 with the exception of EA games. Because EA wants to control their game market by shutting down servers of older games forcing people to buy a new version if you want to play online.

A good example is COD. On Live MS handles the match making for COD, while on PSN COD match making goes through GameSpy servers that Activision or Infinity Ward pay for.

This allows for smaller companies and Indie developers to add online multi player when normally they couldn't because of the cost of renting servers. Its why nearly every arcade game has online multi player or co-op.

Im going to speculate now that the games on PSN that only have local co-op and multi player like SSD HD, would be online enabled if they were on Live.

This has all been known for years but like I said, no one cares to hear the real reason or they chose to ignore it.

FamilyGuy3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

Well thanks for the clarification, was it in HD as well? I asked this question a few times after E3 and no one answered while Sony E3 press conference released the very next day after it happened along with tons of new HD game trailer that were shown at E3. In the end it was all advertisement and it worked since it sold me on a few games that weren't covered on like G4 or some other sites that only showed the big titles.

Jaces3121d ago

Hmm, that is interesting.

Never heard someone put it that way. I'm not much of an online kind of guy cept to get a good arcade game, I've heard a lot of different things but is Gold membership just for the ability to play online or does it come with other goodies?

Jinxstar3121d ago

"Should Xbox Live Really Have A Monthly Fee?"


potenquatro3121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

What kind of sick, twisted and demented fanboy mind you have. Xbox was never meant to "destroy" Playstation and "get sony out of the livingroom". Sony makes TVs, radios, radio recievers and speakers to better enjoy your xbox or ps3. Xbox was meant to put MS more involved with more costumers. Put MS, not just on your PC in your office, but in your TV aswell. MS will never get Sony out of anybody's livingroom. You literaly think MS and Sony are at war?? You don't think MS and Sony do business on a regular basis?? Pathetic.

On topic: MS has been charging for Live and other offerings havn't. Live has been offering the best online service. The way I see it. In Live's case in particular: charging for service = better service. But they should start lowering it even more, because it's not offering as much more as it used to.

el zorro3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

It's by far the best online service available on consoles, so I have no problem paying $40 a year for it.

Why is it that PS3 fans seem to be virtually the only ones that don't understand how good Xbox Live is? The whole rest of the world understands.

For example, I was just reading my current issue of Game Informer (the one with Rage on the cover) and in their E3 coverage on page 32 they said:

"There's no question that Xbox Live is the best online gaming platform in history."

That is why I pay for Xbox Live.

Millah3120d ago

Okay, so the justification is just because they offer a "better" service? Great reason to justify charging for it. Well, I think Facebook offers a much better service than Myspace does, maybe Facebook should start charging too just because you're getting a "premium" social network.

wtf? Plus XBL has ads all over the place. If I'm paying for something, I better not have to see ads as well. Either have it ad-supported, or subscription based, but not both.

shadow27973120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

No. It should be deca-annual.

SH3MRON3120d ago

The bad thing about a free live system is that developers will need to pay for the bandwidth they will use like on the PSN and therefore we will get less demos, clips and even betas.

Maybe not make it free but if they lowered the price to $40 or $35 more people would join but still I'm fine paying for it as it is now.

All-33120d ago

Xbox Live 'Gold' is completely 'optional too' ...

And playing online games is NOT the only feature of Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox Live Gold members have access to features similar to Qore subscribers... so subtract $25 bucks off the $50 dollars to play online fee.

likedamaster3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Its when these blogs speak for everyone when they mess things up.

Just so I can make this clear...


There I said it. And I don't mind paying $40 a year for Xbox Live.

Jinxstar3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

@ Liked master,

Thats opinion and should be stated as such. I could say "PSN is 256 times better then XBL" and have something =P

To everyone... just because it's "Better"(To some) doesn't mean it should cost you.

Hoolock3120d ago (Edited 3120d ago )

Cross game chat-when i turn on my xbox i instantly invite my gaming buddies to a party. No matter what they are playing or what they are doing we can all talk together and decide what we want too play, this makes life so much easier and more simple. In game i can talk about films or music with my friend who's playing gears whilst i play Halo. It keeps the game channel free of mindless chatter and keeps my convo private.

Inside Xbox-a channel on the xbox dashboard that is updated daily with video interviews with Devs, tips on achievements and completing games. For me in the UK i am currently getting developer interviews from E3 and many other sources including ibiza rocks and other shows. They even visit studios who produce cartoons such as south park and family guy and attend red carpet showings of films such as transformers for us to watch. These things aren't strictly gaming related but they are designed to help build a like minded community of people interested in the same things. (yes this is available on the internet but this is all in one place easy to find and i can rewatch every video ever placed on it instantly)

More content- i own both a PS3 and an Xbox and the content difference is huge. On XBL there is a demo for every arcade and community game and i would say 75% of retail games ever released. In europe i get films to download whilst sony are yet to offer this in the UK. XBL gets exclusive DLC as well as timed DLC for a large number of games before it comes to other platforms.

Support for all games- As you may of read above MS support all games ever released on the Xbox with the matchmaking system whilst Sony farms out these responsibilities to other companies who have to be payed by the developer and they may drop support for these games in the future with little choice from the player.

No charges for the DEV- sony charge the DEV for content they want to place on PSN, yes this is good for the end user as this cash will help improve the system but the prices of DLC on PS3 are the same as XBL so obviously they aren't using the cash to help the consumer make a saving. When i pay for a game in the shops i want the cash to go to the DEV so that they can produce better games with the money i give them, not to have the cash they have earned given to sony for somthing offered elsewhere for free.

Download speed- there have been numerous articles of which i have tested myself that come to the same conclusion that downloads from PSN are slower than XBL. They are said to be around 5x slower

The user interface- The xbox user interface is completely oriented around XBL. from my friends list having a full channel to the marketplace been intergraded into the menu system allowing me to see DLC available for a game without having to enter into the game store. I'm constantly aware of whats new with the games i own and everything is only ever a button press away. Yes the PS store is there and easy to find but it is separate to main interface and is harder to discover new content and find things i'm interested in.

On dashboard leader boards- For arcade games such as battlefield 1943 within the dashboard I am given my friends leader boards when i select the game in my libary as well as the full achievment listings the DLC available and other content from XBL right in the menu without having to boot up the game or enter the games marketplace.

These are only the things that come to mind that XBL as a service gives me over PSN and there are so many more subtle and great differences.

These are the main reasons why i prefer XBL over PSN and the price honestly is tiny. PSN is there as a service if you don't feel the reasons i have given above to be worthy of paying for but i feel that these things justify the cost and i will happily pay the £30 a year.

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GWAVE3121d ago

Well, I think it's clear.

When you pay for Xbox Live, you're not paying for decicated servers (those vary from game to game). You're not paying for a faster connection (that is based upon your service provider). You're not paying for stat-tracking or achievements (other free services offer identical things without any charge). In the end, you're really just paying for integration and cross-game chat. That's it.

KionicWarlord2223121d ago

How can i pay for if it`s not on my console yet ?

ape0073121d ago (Edited 3121d ago )

a complete unified online experience

cross game chat
cross game invites
join session in progress from anywhere IMPORTANT feature that everybody on almost every web site forget about.....THE DEEP PLAYER STATUS SYSTEM,this help the online experience like no other,u know what your friend is exactly doing(in gears,it tells u he's in the matchmaking looking for friend and an arrow near his name indicates that he's joinable at this moment)

xbox live need dedicated servers for all games to be completely justified

xbl is the reason why im getting mw2 on 360

psn is improving and tbh it's an amazing service for free,we need cross game chat,invites,deep player status(like that fake ps.cloude image)and better gamercards

Nineball21123121d ago

Okay... then I guess you're just paying for cross game chat.

HDgamer3121d ago

Nice spin Ape, I guess pc user's are getting assed out too.

ape0073121d ago

there's no doubt psn is improving and has amazing exclusives,I'll play uncharted 2 online a lot,the beta was simply awesome,also mag looks promising although im not that excited about it

one thing more I want in psn,I may sound stupid but,I want to hear sounds in the in-game xmb,also sounds for notifications,when someone is online or when u recieve a massage,like the trophies,I like these little touches,it gives a little bit of a life,u know what im saying what do u think??

SaberEdge3121d ago

Yeah, I know what you are saying Ape. I like hearing the little sounds that give you a heads up about what's going on. When a friend pops online on my PS3 a little box just pops up for a few seconds and is gone, but there is no sound. I like the aural feedback you get on the 360.

Lifendz3121d ago

Good post. You're about the only guy I can respond to on this that I know won't get in a fanboy huff and puff.

I hear all your points and I'm sure all those features are awesome. But, and maybe I'm alone on this, they're just not that important to me to justify the annual fee. I can play the game online, I can talk to people, and I rarely experience problems playing a game online.

Sound effects when someone logs on? That's cool but I'm playing games. I really don't care when someone logs on.

Party systems? I'm sure that's cool but as a guy that works a full-time job and goes to school, I really don't care about playing with friends so much that a party system is worth 50 bucks per. In fact, most of my friends are guys/girls I met in forums or on N4G. I play with these people from time to time, but it's not something I'm willing to pay to do with greater ease.

But I wouldn't knock someone for chooosing Live over PSN. But I think the gap between the two is closing, slowing but closing nonetheless, and there is going to come a day when you really debate paying the 50 bucks when PSN is doing so much.

The Lazy One3121d ago

It works better.

Feature for feature PSN and XBL look similar, but XBL works a lot better, and there's a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes that makes it a much better experience imo.

It's the same reason people go to starbucks when you can pay less for folgers instant at home. It's all just coffee right?

cheapndirty3121d ago

I do not mind paying for it. Live is much better than that other free service. When is PSN is as good then I will whine about paying 36.00 a year for live. PSN has improved since launch ( i am launch 60gb owner) but still needs to be improved.

SH3MRON3120d ago

Ask developers why most demos are on Live and not PSN and it is because they have to pay for the content they put on the PSN.

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Goomba123121d ago

my pc does everything live does for free. but i do understand that that u cant get better than live on a console so it is a tricky question

Rikyfree3120d ago

I agree. If you can get it on the pc for free at a lesser cost per game, then there is no reason it should cost anything at all besides sheer greed.

meepmoopmeep3121d ago

i thought it was a yearly fee not monthly

Steve5193121d ago

it's either or. You can do it monthly or yearly

butterfinger3121d ago

money if you buy the 12+1 (12 months + 1 free month) cards. So that's 13 months for $49.99 and you can find them for cheaper than that if you put in some effort.

Rockox3121d ago

I hear they've started to discontinue the 12+1 cards. Poo.

Pistolero3121d ago

I never pay 50 dollars a year...I have always been able to buy 13 months for $40 or less. In my opinion it is worth every penny.

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Gamedot3121d ago

I have no problem paying for it, and I'll continue to quite happily pay for it as well

mario88883121d ago

I take the money that I could be paying live and pay for more bandwidth.

Blaster_Master3121d ago

I would pay for cross game chat on the psn all day. But Sony doesn't even offer it so why even talk about it?

Nineball21123121d ago

I take the money that I could be paying live and pay for more ... well, anything.

At the end of the day, if people on Live don't mind paying for it, it doesnt' affect me in any way shape or form.

This is a never-ending debate. I think MS originally probably needed to charge for it, I think at this point they don't but they probably won't ever stop.