Game designers using fluff to increase "fun"

"Miyamoto is universal known for making some of the worlds most popular games. During a Iwata Ask segment about the new Punch-Out, Miyamoto gives his opinion on why games like Punch-Out are fun, and why new games being made today are not fun to begin with so they add fluff to the game to try and compensate."

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Product3148d ago

I too wish games got back to the basics and were more addictive. New games don't seem to hold my interest as much as old ones used to.

a_squirrel3148d ago

However, to me, Killzone 2 felt like a real Killzone sequel, and not a milking cow

Matpan3147d ago (Edited 3147d ago )

WOW! at 1.1... that comment surely had little to do with this... neways.

Yup gaming has gone too technical in the eye candy aspect and evolved to far too complex gaming dynamics and sometimes that combo just isn´t fun...

TruthbeTold3148d ago

Whatever happened to replay value outside of online modes?

Goomba123148d ago

Who needs replay value when you can't beat the game. Examples Contra, Ghosts N Ghouls, Megaman 2.

Games now not only have added "fluff", but are way to easy.

TruthbeTold3148d ago

Some of those games go a bit too far in the difficulty dept. Especially since sometimes that difficulty was due to crappy controls. Even so, a much better balance can be struck.

Goomba123148d ago

May be right, but back then that was the only way to really add replay value.

-Mezzo-3148d ago

No replay value in games these days. developers are focusing too much on Multi-player, well thats because of us US gamers.

Xi3148d ago

like the mini games in zelda(bombachu/archery) & mario galaxy(ray surfing)? The extra challenges for wii sports/play? the stickers in SSB?

Or if fluff the fun stuff that keeps players coming back to games like tf2, halo 3 and cod4? Like great online with tons of different options...

a_squirrel3148d ago

Actaully, some of the time it is that stuff.

But minigames aren't fluff, it's a ----MINI-----GAME----

Eric Cartman3148d ago

Everytime this retard opens his mouth, a bunch of stupid words leak out with his saliva.

Wiitards are indeed aptly named so.

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