Top 10 Reasons Why Starcraft 2 Was Delayed

GrE writes, "Big surprise, another big name fall release has been delayed until 2010. Even though Starcraft 2 had never been given an official release date, there had been some hope that we would be playing it before Christmas. Sadly, Activision-Blizzard has assured us that we won't see the title until 2010. These are the top 10 reasons why the game was delayed..."

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wondroushippo3208d ago

This is an awesome list! Watch out for those Cow Levels.

roblef3208d ago

remind me where that's from? Earthworm Jim? StarCraft I? Ugh. i'm getting old.

supercharger51503208d ago

Meh. Don't really care too much wither way. Delayed or not.

bgrundman3208d ago

That is crap... People were talking like this was going to be out for the holidays.

roblef3208d ago

can. not. WAIT. I burned hours and took years off my eyeballs with the first one.

roblef3208d ago

These are hilarious! I love the one about the horde of Zerg!

MaCkTeHkNiFe3208d ago

These are pretty funny- incoming nuke!
it looks like a bunch of my friends are gonna have to keep on waiting.

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The story is too old to be commented.