The Zombie-Apocalypse Survival Guide

With countless hours stored killing zombies, we at Dealspwn have devised a survival guide to prepare you for the imminent invasion of the undead.

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Arsenic133272d ago

Yea i already read the much superior Zombie Survival Guide. This post is LAME.

Rockox3272d ago

Yup. Awesome book. That and World War Z.

OtherWhiteMeat3272d ago

Do what I do........just hang around with old slow people.It helps if there grossly overweight.

Admiral_Benson3272d ago

+Bubbles, nice to see some fellow Max Brooks fans on N4G. Awesome books!

The World War Z movie is sounding promising, getting hyped for that. Imagine the Battle for Yonkers on the big screen! It's gonna be hard to live up to the book though, i'm just hoping they don't butcher it!

Halo3 MLG Pro3272d ago

Yes World War Z was a sweet sweet book. I highly doubt the movie would be anywhere near as good. Bubbles for my zombie buddies.

Admiral_Benson3272d ago

+Bubbles back at you Halo.

Agreed, but i'm remaining quietly optomistic it will at least be reasonably good. A good adaption of WWZ would be zombie movie gold!

I'm just praying they don't do a "W.S Anderson/Res Evil" on it.....

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