GameVisions Interview: Vincent van Geel (Isotx) Part 2 & Open Public Question Submission for Part 3

In Part 2 of a multi-part exclusive interview, GameVisions talks with with developer Vincent van Geel; co-founder of indie developer Isotx, Inc. on Iron Grip: Warlord and the industry at large.

The second installment discusses details about Iron Grip: Warlord, console development, and future plans for Isotx.

From the Interview:
"I think a game (any game really) is never really done, as you can always go in and polish/tweak/add in little bits and pieces or advance it with another episode or do a graphics overhaul etc. I think the only thing that happens is developers abandon projects since it no longer has financial merit to advance them. We've had to put projects into the cupboard for the same reasons but we always come back to them; as now for instance we're doing another patch for the very first mod we ever made 4-5 years ago!"

In addition GameVisions is accepting questions from the community to compose the third installment of the interview. Anyone with a burning question for an indie developer on any topic ranging from Warlord, to business, industry, distribution, the older Iron Grip Half-Life 2 mods, the MidEast Crisis Command & Conquer 3 mods, or working with the Quake 3 engine may submit their questions. For submission details, visit Part 2 of the interview.

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