What Makes a Game Good

Koku Gamer writes: "We all like a good game, but what exactly makes a game "good?"

Games are designed to suite all tastes for every kind of gamer. Whether you like rich developed story lines or going down corridors shooting the heads off of the bad guys, there's something for you. Of course, a one sided game doesn't sit well with most gamers. A game needs to have aspects of every good thing the developers can possibly fit into it.

So what elements do make a game good? Whether you've realized it or not, your favorite game probably has each of the following: Organized plot, developed characters, unique atmosphere and re-playability."

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Wriggy3238d ago

At the moment, I think a good single player campaign and decent multiplayer makes a game good. :)

Ziriux3238d ago

Maybe bro, but in an era of gaming where online multiplayer is huge, I'm afraid SP focused games get very much over looked making them fail in the business world. A good example is Bioshock, it could have sold more, but since it didn't have MP it didn't break sales records in any way.

A good example of huge success because of MP is Modern Warfare and Halo 3.

Xeall3238d ago

I think it depends on the game, Multiplayer simply doesnt suit some games, where a single player experince in something like TF2 would be equally as bad an idea.

Ziriux3238d ago

Agreed, I'm a bit skeptical about Bioshock 2's MP, but knowing there is the good SP experience I'm not too worried, if the MP is bad i'll just avoid it.

gambare3238d ago

"Wriggy - 10 minutes ago
1 -
At the moment, I think a good single player campaign and decent multiplayer makes a game good. :) "

Mass effect is a good game and has no multiplayer, a good game is the game that makes you feel "hey! this was a great investment"

Trollimite3238d ago

sells!!!!$$$$$!!!$!$!$!$!$!!$! $$$

its all about the money!

a_squirrel3238d ago

Whoa, who disagreed at Trollmite?

Do we have a name for that? Fanboys? Nope, bots? nope....

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JoeyC3238d ago

Agreed with what is stated. It doesn't seem however that developers have the resources nor the time to concentrate on each thing equally.

Ziriux3238d ago

Yea I've noticed. Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a great example, the story was very short, there was no emotional attachment to your character until the end and it simply had no innovation in story telling. It's ok though it made up with an amazing multiplayer.

Guitardr853238d ago

I don't know...To me, I agree with everything the author of the article said. Personally, MP is one of the last things I look at when buying a game. I look at story, characters and replayability. Call me a dinosaur, but I think that people are getting too focused on MP nowadays and getting away from the good stories and attachments that good games used to have. We are getting WAY to close of fulfilling the stereotype of the "mindless video games" because that is exactly what this generation is crying for...mindless videogames that have absolutely no point aka left 4 dead etc...

The article asked "what makes a good game?", not "what makes a fad?"

TechWiz3238d ago

I'm with you 100%. Replayability to me is what really makes a good game.

Fishy Fingers3238d ago

By that logic Crysis should be the greatest piece of video entertainment to date. It's not. Admittedly no one really wants an ugly game, but visuals and nothing else makes for a short lived experience.

DelbertGrady3238d ago

At the same time sales reflect the general opinion of the game from the consumers. They are of course affected by marketing. You could look at reviews to find the answer if a game is good or not, but just like consumers are influenced by marketing reviewers are influenced by other reviewers, the games hype and other factors. So in the end the best way to decide if a game is good is to play it and find out for yourself...

cyberwaffles3238d ago

...when Hideo Kojima makes it.

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