10 reasons games still horrify your mother - Flytrap Games

Flytrap writes: "Attention, younger gamers. Are your parents noticeably wary of your favourite hobby? Does Ma keep hiding your Xbox 360 in the attic? Does Pa flinch and duck whenever you propose a few rounds of Fat Princess? The following 10 game-related controversies are the reason why.

Whether it be frenzy at the sight of an extra-terrestrial bosom or fury in the face of bursting aortas, the industry has suffered/enjoyed its fair share of mainstream media reaction. In a few cases, that reaction has even been justified. Click on for a gallery of our favourite scandals."

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Edwin853119d ago

I'm not really sure it qualifies as rape when you're shagging a dressmaker's dummy.

dirigiblebill3119d ago

No mention of Rule of Rose?