Devil May Cry 4 is unimpressive!?

After recent play time with the upcoming Devil May Cry 4 it seems as though some of the people at Joystiq aren't at all that impressed.

"...Adrenaline should have been pumping through our veins so hard we'd be sore by morning, but we were blank. That was Devil May Cry 4 and it was completely uninteresting. Watching Nero hop around and slug out another canned attack is like watching Hulk Hogan go for "one more match." We aren't sold when we see him take a punch today, much like we're not sold on DMC4."

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Satanas4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Good read.

As unfortunate as it is, I do agree with this. I really cannot see myself enjoying killing enemies if they are that unresponsive. I hope they introduce a difficulty where rather than taking hours to kill an enemy, they kill YOU quicker. One of the biggest issues I have with the series.

Still looking forward to the game.

Additionally, for article integrity, I would suggest keeping the "?" and removing the "!" from the title.

weekapaugh4245d ago

can see why it went multi-platform now...

Satanas4245d ago

It looks fun, but I have a very bad feeling that it could get insanely boring, if the feedback from all enemies is that low =|

btkadams4245d ago

this game has never really got that much of my attention so I'm surprised. im guessing itll be a good game, not great.

Satanas4245d ago

Well...DMC1 and 3 are fun games. It's just that, when placed in a pot with God of War and Ninja Gaiden, it lags behind in AI/combat immersion.

I'm still looking forward to it though...

Firewire4245d ago

I loved this series but was disappointed with DMC3!
The series I think is kinda used up.
I probably will still get this game, but I realy
didn't have high hopes for it in the first place!

I wish they made another Onimusha, now that a series I miss!

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The story is too old to be commented.