G-Phoria '09: Best Graphics

Morgan Webb announces the winner of G-Phoria '09 Best Graphics. Nominees include 'Resistance 2', 'Resident Evil 5', 'Fight Night Round 4', 'Killzone 2' and 'Street Fighter IV'.

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mrv3213266d ago

Wait a minute wasn't Resistance 2 released in '08?

Also I don't agree fully with that, allthough Resistance 2 was an improvement on the first it wasn't that much better graphically, Uncharted looks just as good if not better. Gears 2 is outstanding also.

MAR-TYR-DOM3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

what is surprising is what the other 59% of people who voted were thinking.

Killzone 2 was and will be an epic classic remembered for years upon years.

nycredude3266d ago

WTF 2009 isn't even over yet.

The Wood3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

ever noticed the 'car of the year' gets touted on adverts around thats stranger. The only game i feel can beat killzone 2 is GT5 or Uncharted 2....take your pick.


obviously one of the multiplatform games;)

TheCapto3266d ago


G-Phoria isn't a yearly award show that always happens in the summer. So it takes into account 12 months worth of games, just not a calendar year.

Darkeyes3266d ago

By December, Uncharted 2 and GT5 will make it even harder to decide a winner...

Next year, site's will release 'Best Graphics of 2009' articles dominated by PS3 exclusives and multi-plats (RE5+ Whatever lands late and is good looking)....

mugoldeneagle033266d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but:

A) 2009 is not over
B) Resistance 2 was release in 2008

Right? In fact why is Resistance even up there? I own the game and there are plenty of games that released after it that have better graphics (LittleBigPlanet hell even inFamous)

LordMarius3266d ago

Listen up people these Awards get their nominees from the the past year Fall season up to this year summer season

KingME3266d ago

Game of the Year - Fallout 3
Best Graphics - Killzone 2
Best New Character – Sackboy - LittleBigPlanet
Best Party Game - Rock Band 2
Best Racing Game - Burnout Paradise: Big Surf Island
Best Shooter - Gears of War 2
Best Strategy Game - Halo Wars
Best Sports Game - Fight Night Round 4
Best Action Game - InFamous
Best Role-Playing Game - Fallout 3
Most Original Game - LittleBigPlanet
Deserves an Uwe Boll Movie - Legendary
Best Online Multiplayer Game - Left 4 Dead
Best Downloadable Content - Fallout 3: Broken Steel
Best Handheld Game - GTA: Chinatown Wars
Best Voice Acting - Fallout 3
Best Soundtrack - Fallout 3
Longest Lasting Game presented by Stride Gum - Fallout 3
Favorite System - Xbox 360
Best Downloadable Game - Castle Crashers

All-33266d ago

According to the votes, the Favorite System = Xbox 360

FamilyGuy3266d ago

Wow, fallout 3 must be really good o.O

a_squirrel3266d ago (Edited 3266d ago )

I tried Fallout 3 for a long time, and let's just say I had more fun with battletoads. (opinion)

But anyways... WHY IN THE **** IS GEARS UP THERE???? The multiplayer sucked
and same with halo wars... :P

Sheikh Yerbouti3266d ago

Of course XBox is the favorite system. Most gamers have XBox, but moreso G4 favor the XBox...they even apologize for it at the end of the show. LOL...the shmucks!

usern4g3266d ago

Is there a reason why the whole awards list werent posted?

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ELite_Ghost3266d ago

next year: Uncharted 2 or GT5
prob GT5

cmrbe3266d ago

Yeah i agree though. It will be GT as usual.

ELite_Ghost3266d ago

right w/e it is its for ps3 :)

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