Warhawk: a Beta and a Demo?

As positive buzz continues to build, most people seem to have gotten over the fact that Warhawk won't have any single-player content when it's released later this year.

Sony previously told 1UP the game will be distributed as a retail release and PlayStation Network download. What about before then? Now, the developer's are saying gamers will most likely have a chance to check the game out before it's finished. Speaking to Game Informer, Incognito Game Director Dylan Jobe teased future plans:

"We are firm believers in demos and betas and stuff like that. We firmly believe that we want to get feedback from our players and we want to give them the opportunity for them to play the game, because we're really excited about how word of mouth can really help our title. I can't say anything now, but definitely keep your eye out.

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consolewar4249d ago

ok, ok i'm joking. I know War will have a great multi. n o t

MetalProxy4249d ago

Iam happy they aren't wasting time with a single player and just sticking to online mode only. The game will Rock spamer. If you see the trailer you will change your mind. My so called Xbox only friend was impressed and he said to his wife that he wants a PS3 now(he played Sigma also). That guy is a Super Xbot with nitrous kind of guy but we get along some how. Anyways bring on the Demo guys Iam waiting for it.

fenderputty4249d ago

Cause I've got a few titles I want first. I do want to check this out though and a demo would be a huge step towards getting me to empty my wallet.

IBLEEDBLU4249d ago

25 maps - 32+ players land and air combat = one crazy experience

even tho the graphics are topnotch - the gameplay will seem to fade that out as it seems to be crazy fun.

i like the feature that lets u glide in mid air to attack the ground then hit the tringle button to switch to flight mode and take the battle to teh air

im grabbing this

Sevir044249d ago

good stuff to know, though i'm hyped i still have a few skeptics about the title so when they open a beta or a demo on the psn i'll definately hog it greedily and that should be my convincing action to go out and buy this title. i'm a fand of aerial combat games.

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