AppSmile Reviews: Kibosh is Never the Same Game Twice

Kibosh, a strategic puzzle game based on the popular board game Blokus, has been released by Thumb Genius Software in the app store. The goal of the game is domination, but it will take plenty of planning and a little bit of luck to achieve that goal.

Kibosh presents the player with a 20 x 20 grid, upon which each player must take turns placing blocks from their dock onto the board. In order to place a block, it must touch a corner of a block of the same color, but cannot share an adjacent side. The idea is to place blocks in such a way that it leaves plenty of corners available for you to continue building off of, but also to cover the squares at the corner of your opponent's pieces, putting the kibosh on his ability to place new pieces. If you block the majority of the corners of an opponent's piece, that piece will be removed from the board and returned to its dock, which opens the previously occupied space up to capture.

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