The Portable Gamer Review: Blocks 2

The Portable Gamer writes: "Throughout gaming history every portable games system has had a puzzle game that went onto become ridiculously addictive and disrupt gamers's sleeping patterns. The Gameboy had Tetris, the Game Gear had Columns, more recently the PSP had Lumines. You see, no matter how much you might be a huge fan of story driven gaming epics or simply blasting your way through alien hordes: nearly everyone can't help but succumb to a seriously addictive puzzle game. I have yet to find someone who doesn't like Tetris and I suspect if that person does exist, they live in a mental asylum somewhere. Anyway, away from my hideous stereotyping (it's true though, damnit!) Blocks 2 is the nearest game on the App Store to being that puzzle game, the one that you can't bear to tear yourself away from. It just needs a few adjustments for it to be completely unmissable."

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bgrundman3150d ago

this looks alot like Lumines

roblef3150d ago

lumines was all about the music, to me. the DS doesn't have the music power the PSP does.

bgrundman3150d ago

That is totally right, but does it support custom soundtracks with the DSi?

notbob3150d ago

I second that, but Lumines IS excellent. If you're gonna rip something off, might as well steal from a great game :)

notbob3150d ago

Haha the DS "music power" is equivalent to that of those Hallmark cards that play music when you open them.

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roblef3150d ago

Wow. Lumines meets Tetris, huh? May need to totally get this.

bgrundman3150d ago

Why do they insist on making all of these crappy console and puzzle game rippoffs?

MaCkTeHkNiFe3150d ago

I loved Lumines, if I had an iPhone I might pick this up.

Also, Blocks 2 is a pretty glamorous title, amirite?

Haly3150d ago

Yeah Blocks 2 is not the best of titles really!

JimmyJames703150d ago

I've heard of Tetris, used to play it on the PC at work all the time. Never heard of Lumines though. I'm sure it's good.