First In-Game Screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV?

Yesterday's Final Fantasy XIV info came from a leaked Weekly Famitsu article. Today sees another leak from the Dengeki Playstation magazine. Well, actually, a lot of this info came out yesterday, but now there are pictures.

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eyeDEVOUR2994d ago

looks cool.....the last pic really reminds me of the terrain on Shadow of the Colossus...(when you go south on the map)..

meepmoopmeep2994d ago

which version is it?


yeah looks good for the crappy scans

DaTruth2994d ago

Feels like 10 years ago, when we saw the first FFXIII screenshots and that game is still not released! Expect this in 2014!

CryofSilence2994d ago

Looks very good if those are in-game. Let's hope. :)

@ Meepmoopmeep

Nice Elfen Lied avatar. Lucy/Nyu is awesome.

meepmoopmeep2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

thanks, Elfen Lied is awesome!

yeah, the scans look pretty good.
i hope we'll get real screenshots at in a couple weeks

Pain2993d ago

Playstation 3 version those pics from 'Dengeki PlayStation' mag thats out tomorrow.

looks /yum to me.

50CALheadshot2993d ago

imagine the possibilities and expansions.

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Triple_A2994d ago

looks amazing... I think the game looks even better than Final Fantasy 13.

N4PS3G2994d ago

You expect a MMO an online game with a huge world a tons of character online to look better than a single player FF game?

... *sigh*

GamerMan2994d ago

Looking at the same screenshots??

The graininess of the shots are what I would expect from an MMO where they are trying to keep FPS up and network latency down.

Reason in FFXI a lot of the people that were in the market didn't actually have there character displaying unless they were next to you.

2994d ago
mxdan2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Your stupid if you think the grainyness is from the actual game. Those scans were very poor quality.

Anyway, lets hold judgement till we actually see the game...

N4PS3G2994d ago

@SL1M DADDY mean the shots of FF13 that were proven to look better than the 2008 build?

GamerMan2994d ago

I'm not naive enough to think that was a great quality scan but just saying in general. I don't expect it to be FFXIII graphics. If it is I will be pleasantly surprised :D which in turn would be a "yay us" for the ones actually interested in this game like me.

umair_s512994d ago

It's possible, it ain't dumbed down for the 360.

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GamerMan2994d ago

but wouldn't really call them quite in-game yet. Majority of them are landscape shots which I will enjoy when running around the world but it didn't show the interface that I will be using or any action shots of the battles.

Hopefully as it gets closer to launch we will get that type of information.

Triple_A2994d ago

if those are really in-game pics then yeah, it looks really good... and based on what I've seen so far from FF13, these scan pics looks better; it might be the art style, I don't know... don't like that cave pic too much tho :)

But yeah, it's still too early to say whenever FF13 will look better or not, we will see.

Nelson M2994d ago

FF13 has'nt Been Gimped
Well we will See
Thy Silly Little BoTs

Chubear2994d ago

... and this is a frikgen MMO to boot.

Saaking2994d ago

I'd rather have screenshots of FF Versus XIII.

Chubear2994d ago

You know they won't bring those out b4 FF13 comes out.

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