DualShockers Review: Mega Man II (iPhone)

DualShockers write:

I have to admit that I did not know that Mega Man II was available for my iPhone until a buddy of mine came by and showed me the demo. Once I got the demo in my hands and heard the opening music I knew I needed this game. I quickly played through the demo "Wood Man" level and blasted my way through to the boss; which brought a great smile to my face as I decimated him. Is Mega Man II worth a purchase or should you stick to just the demo?

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taz80803119d ago

Mega Man II is probably my favorite game of all time, right up there with Contra.

This version is near perfect!

BROOKLYN N-M-E3119d ago

This game will never get old, who says you need great graphics to have a good time?

taz80803119d ago

I will take gold od fashioned fun over fancy graphics any day of the week.

taz80803119d ago

I wonder if there will be a peripheral for the iphone to mimic a joystick?